Enough, already.

Same old story – boy meets girl. Love. But we don’t live together. Move in. But we aren’t married. Engaged. But we don’t own a home. Buy a house. But now we are poor. Get a higher paying job. But now nobody knows! Buy a boat or a trailer or a really fast car. But … More Enough, already.


The death that occurred on Southwest airlines last week has since been weighing heavy on my heart. And my mind. I was going to write a post about how it unexpectedly changed my outlook on life. And before I even found the time to write about it, more horror has occurred in the world. I … More Tragedy

Trivial Things.

I’m sure I’ve written a post like this before – maybe even too recently – but the message didn’t seem to stick with me. OR, I was unpleasantly reminded about this topic much too quickly again so here we go. Life is too short – WAY too short – to be rocked by trivial things. … More Trivial Things.

Life Guilt?

I just realized after typing that title in, people might think this is going to be about living while others don’t get the chance. That wasn’t my intention. Nobody close to me has died lately – thankfully. But now that is something at the forefront of my mind – so I feel a little selfish … More Life Guilt?

On Second Thought.

“The best revenge is a life lived well.” Or something. C’mon, follow me… I have a post drafted that I’ve been trying to complete for about a week now. It’s mainly a rant toward people in this world I don’t interact with on a daily basis, but whos choices have managed to screw with directly … More On Second Thought.