I think I have written before about living with OCD. I’m not as fancy – or as patient – as the rest of you, so I won’t dig through my archives and link to said post here. Besides, reposting something doesn’t give me nearly as much satisfaction as completely melting down about it all over … More OCD

Church & State.

Good Evening – If the words that follow this brief introduction sound like I am speaking from my soap box, it’s because I am. If you’re easily offended, you’re probably not going to like anything I have to say – and that’s fine, this is my blog. My space to rant, and vent, and share … More Church & State.

Mindless Monday

Hi all, me here! Mindless Monday. I’m giving this a try. “This” being a slow start to the week. I decided to switch my gym routine up this weekend. From the 3 days I was working out (Mon, Tues, Thurs) – to 4 days (Sun, Tues, Weds, Fri). That means, A). I get another day … More Mindless Monday

The Real.

Hi Ya’ll! It took me a second to figure out how to begin this post because, well frankly, it’s been over 8 weeks (+) since I’ve sat down to “speak” to you. AKA talk to myself through words to take a load off, and secretly hope that what I’m blabbering about resonates with someone else … More The Real.

Enough, already.

Same old story – boy meets girl. Love. But we don’t live together. Move in. But we aren’t married. Engaged. But we don’t own a home. Buy a house. But now we are poor. Get a higher paying job. But now nobody knows! Buy a boat or a trailer or a really fast car. But … More Enough, already.