Hello! Yes you, reading this hi there! Welcome to my blog.

Unless I was somehow discovered by internet surfers, you should all know who I am. It’s me, Myka! Since I’ve left the wonderful state of CA, and all of my beautiful friends & family, I have tried my best to keep in touch. As we grow, undoubtedly, things change. What shouldn’t change, in my opinion, are the bonds we’ve spent hours & energy, and dedication creating. It is my goal to keep everybody I love abreast on the happenings of my life because I know you all have nothing better to do than worry about my life. LOL Shut up. Memories are great keepsakes for oneself, so if nothing else I can reminisce here on my past, you know, when the Alzheimer’s sets in?

To quickly recap: Since moving, I’ve landed a job as Administrator & Transaction Coordinator (long name for assistant) for The Moritz Team, a Real Estate Team based out of REMAX in South Reno. And just last week I started taking real estate classes of my own. Hopefully, soon, I’ll be licensed — and rich! Zero & I live in a condo (which Abe fortunately frequents) where we cook, clean, & relax. I managed (thanks Mom & Dad) to purchase my own TV, sofa & bed, which may not seem noteworthy but to me, at this point in my life, definitely is. I feel like a real adult now that my place is furnished with things that actually belong to me. If you’re ever up this direction, you should definitely come check it out! On my last birthday I realized that my metabolism is as old as I am, so I joined a gym. Which I have visited at least twice a week (bazinga!) since I joined. They’ve got a sauna, which I love, and a whole lot of things that help me lift my saggy ass. I’ve gained some weight, and made some friends there. None of which could ever replace any of you, though.

Aside from the actual things Reno has given me, it’s helped me rekindle bonds with my girlfriends that I somehow lost over time. I think, contradictory as it may seem, leaving home & spreading across the country can create a sense of community among friends. We may not all be together anymore, but we’re all experiencing the same adjustments & change as one another, and having you girls to lean on (thank you, social media & technology) has been the best crutch of all.

I embark on all sorts of journeys here & cannot wait to tell you all about them. I can only hope you stay tuned.

Until next time,


One thought on “Relocated.

  1. Hi there to you and your saggy ass! Baha. I find this blog to be quite refreshing and an extremely effective way to communicate and re connect with friends and family members. You have always had an amazing talent to intricately detail your experiences and moments that you find some sort of lesson behind. I am excited to take this journey with you and be apart of your journey. Thanks for sharing bon! Miss you.

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