Short hair, don’t care.


Has hell frozen over? You would think! I finally (yesterday) made an appointment down at the mall to have my hair trimmed! It was so split at the ends you’d think it was a gymnast. Yes, I’m serious. The end of my hair was dotted white, like I dipped that shit in snow. It was pathetic. Anyway, long story short (lol) I went to the mall expecting a trim.


Yep. If you think my hair is all gone, you’re right. I’m not exactly sure what Chapter at cosmetology school covers “take what your clients say & completely disregard it” but I think they should remove that lesson. I asked the lady to please keep the length on my hair, as I have been trying to grow it out for yearrrrs, & just clean it up. Apparently I wasn’t exaggerating with my explanation up there, because she took half of my hair.

The fact that all of my hard work was gone wasn’t even the worst part. My day of carefree shopping was ruined. I didn’t even want to walk through the mall anymore. I wanted to go home and cry in front of the mirror. I walked, heavy footed, to the car and headed to my house. I stood in front of the bathroom mirror and I stared at myself. & stared. & stared. I thought maybe if I pulled on the ends it would come back. Nope! I curled my bangs under & made them look decent (seeing as she didn’t shape those like I asked her too, either), and then I grew up.

What good is it to stand here feeling sorry for myself? Is my hair going to come back? Yes. But not any faster. Might as well embrace the change that was forced upon me. My hair did look a lot shinier, come to think of it. & the ends weren’t dotted with white caps anymore!

After I accepted my fate, with a smile, things got a little better. I took my short hair and my boyfriend and his boyfriend (LOL) and we had a great evening together! Coffee, gambling, dinner & the Mr. Olympia competition.


Moral of this story? If there has to be (and if you know me, there always is), I would say: the key to happiness really is accepting those things we cannot change.

I hope you had a great weekend! Talk with you all later.


P.S. I still really miss my hair.


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