it’s the freakin’ weekend.

It is sometimes hard to cherish life’s small victories, and fairytales, because we’ve been taught to hope and wait for the big ones. That said, I think I managed pretty well this weekend. I didn’t do anything spectacular; no family visits, no vacation, I didn’t win the lottery or get engaged, and I’m certainly not having a baby. But, I had a really enjoyable weekend. Not being employed has mostly sucked, and brought me down, and beat me up. And then along came Friday. A special Friday that my sista (in-law) also conveniently had off, agreed politely agreed to grab a Starbucks with me. aaaand squeeze in a pedi!
Ooooh wee, our feet were busted.

Unfortunately, Friday wasn’t the spectacular day I was hoping for because I didn’t get offered the amazing position as a Property Manager (at an elderly folks rest home) that I really wanted (considering it would give me weekends off). But, have you ever heard beggars cannot be choosers? I have, and I get it. Completely. Fortunately, Friday pulled through and I was offered a job with AT&T. BOOM! I am no longer unemployed. whoo hoo! I can finally enjoy these free days I’ve been living. Now that I have something to look forward to, a start date on the horizon, I am no longer an unemployed oaf. I am just sort of enjoying an extended vacation. (with Zero, of course).

sleeping beauty.

The weekend continued, Saturday morning rolled around and Abe & I went to the watch his little cousin play in a softball tournament here in town ( see separate post) and then we headed to a college football tailgate that afternoon, and the game later that night. I met some of Abe’s coworkers (girls, omg YES friends), and even though it was freezing we all had a blast.


The softball tournament continued on Sunday & then I sat on my ass. Life was anything but extraordinary, but it was great.

Happy week to you all.
I love you.



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