Family. Theres something about being around family that makes everything else in the world OK. Even if only for a short while. There isn’t much going on in my life at this time (–finally–) that I’m upset about, but the getaway I had this past weekend still somehow made everything feel better. I didn’t think once about the laundry I had to do, upcoming classes the next week, bills or groceries. I didn’t think about what I ate, or drank, or how I looked or smelled. I cared only about the memories I was making and the people I was with. I had the best weekend with my family.

We began with an early morning trip to my nephews soccer games, and continued the afternoon at the Pumpkin Patch (our tradition) after we had lunch from the nacho bar my motherly sister-in-law created — OF COURSE. I don’t think I have laughed, or loved, so much in such a long time. And I am thankful for technology as it has given us the chance to keep this weekend alive forever.


Taking the time (3 hours, each way, for us) to drive to a family gathering is sometimes hard to accept. I used to catch myself wondering before every departure, “is it really going to be worth it?” And this time, I am happy to say I was completely proven wrong. It was well worth the trip, and the packing, and the loss of sleep. Completely. Although, I am fortunate to say it wasn’t much of a trek for me because I got to ride with Abey, who not only made the windy mountain drive manageable, but fun.


I hope that each and everyone of you someday (if you haven’t already) recognizes the importance of family. The importance they have on not only your life, but your overall demeanor, your self, your future, and your past. I understand not all people are as lucky as I am in this regard, but don’t take this as an automatic out. Create these special moments and lasting times with the family members you find for yourself. Visit and keep in touch with the people you’ve deemed worthy of your familial bond. It’s worth it, every time. And I am happy to say that with confidence, now.

Auntie Myka!


P.S. Happy Pumpkin Hunting, boo!



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