Beard & Baby Fever!



This past weekend Abe & I went to visit his side of the family for an early Thanksgiving feast. His sister recently had a baby boy, who I absolutely adore, and spending time with him was incredibly fun! There is a light inside of a child you can’t seem to find in many adults. Everything is exciting to them. Bronson woke up (most of the time) with a giant smile on his face. I could learn something from that little cHunk! (but that is a post for another day). Anyway, aside from drooling over the baby, I spent time drooling over Abe & the baby – hubba hubba! HA! Alright, alright, we did a few other things too! Abe got up earrrrrly (before the birds!) and went on a Duck hunt — that he really enjoyed!

4:14 AM

And after the duck hunt we went for a drive to let the dogs have a run.


Then, we hung out around the house, watching football & bonding. What else is “Thanksgiving” for?!

The boys.


Goodbyes are always hard, but it is the Holiday season and I know we will all see each other again soon. Before we left we luckily got an adorable morning photo with the little man.

Good morning.

Now I have it documented that Abe actually held him!

I hope that everybody has amazing plans for the upcoming week. There are some people who downplay the Holidays; because they’re lonely, they’re sad, they’re poor, they’re unhappy, or they’re just rude. And to those people, I say I’m sorry. Getting together with family & friends is what life is all about. Take it from me. I understand the importance of money, and the discouragement from a lack thereof. I, however, cannot wait for Thursday when we are headed to visit my family!

Homeward bound!

Stay tuned.

PS. Who knew I would like scruff and camo so much. Mmm.


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