Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

The perfect hats!

What a wonderful Holiday it was. Four days off with Abe was just the beginning. I had an amazing time visiting my family in the valley. We ate like Kings & photographed like Models. I got to see my parents, my brothers, my brothers in-laws, and the valley weather. šŸ™‚ Traditional information: We all met at my brother’s house, where his soon to be mother-in-law made us a fabulous Thanksgiving feast. It was (thankfully) delicious, even though she woke Abe & I at 5:22AM putting in the Turkey!


My sister-in-law brought some Rum Chata to the party & with some Root Beer made an amazing adult (alcoholic) root beer float. It wasn’t as good as it sounds — it was better! I didn’t expect it to tasteĀ exactly like a childhood float, but it sure did. It’s kind of becoming a tradition to share a signature drink with my sisters. I love making new traditions!


Aside from the food and the drinks –as if anything else is important– we also had a lotĀ of fun this weekend. Lizzy (my future sister in law) & I went to Target, of course, and mattress shopping (since Zain is kind of a shopping brat).

Mattress one.

The boys cannot seem to hold a conversation for 15 minutes, but somehow they managed to sit at a table and play poker for FIVE hours.


aaaand, the best for last, Zain & Lizzy also have a hot tub at their house so we tookĀ full advantage of that.

The quads! LOL

My mom has had some health issues recently, and seeing her out of the house was absolutely amazing. Her and my father have remained my rocks even now that I am miles, and state lines, away.


I’m sad that my friends from home were out of town because I wasn’t able to see them. But I know that I will see them soon. And of course, we still have Skype & texting (and this blog, duh) to keep us in touch.

I hope you all had a wonderful time with the ones that you love.Ā I couldn’t have had a better Holiday if I tried.



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