Tis the season!

Ahh! GoodMorning & Happy Monday!

The past week my mind (and my blog) has been filled with these seemingly insightful and profound thoughts and ideas. Sometimes, those are the best weeks. When everything begins to make sense, both in theory and on paper. But I wouldn’t say that was necessarily the case for me recently. I thought I had all of these wonderful things to say but when they came out, they seemed more confusing than clarifying. I’m glad to start this week off with something more personal and laid back. So, without further adue, since it is Monday, let’s revisit the weekend!

This weekend was wonderful. It was one of those weekends that I didn’t have much planned, but somehow things all seemed to fall completely together. On Friday evening Abe & I went to his work Holiday Party. I love-love-love the dress I wore. (It will be recycled next summer at one of the 764,382 weddings I will be attending. For sure). The party wasn’t too crazy or boring, it was just right. It was nice to put a face to all of the people Abe’s been talking about! We ate some appetizers, had some drinks and some dinner, dessert and a photoshoot. See below 🙂

❤ my favorite!
Before the Party
the Bar!

On Saturday, we both started the day at the gym (yes)! That evening, we decided we wanted to partake in the Santa Pub Crawl downtown (with 15,000 other people). It was definitely a great experience! The Pub Crawls always bring out the ..beast.. in everybody! I met up with some of my friends (yay, girls!) and got ready, and Abe hooked up with some of the guys. His best friend moved back to town recently; it’s always nice to see them together. It was a ton of fun, about 9 hours worth, LOL Alcohol, photos, strangers, food, and finally sleep!

Our favorite costume!
new friends!
Gym friends!
Elf & little present.
An Elf & his little present.


On Sunday, we kind of recovered. We went to Chlorine & Kilos, a Crossfit competition, to support some of Abe’s friends from the gym. They all did very well. But it wasn’t exactly enjoyable. Indoor pools are humid and clammy. Not the best mix when you are exhausted and slightly hungover. LOL Later that evening we helped Abe’s cousin take some photos for her wedding Save the Date. And the most incredible thing happened. SNOW FALL! I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was like a fairytale.

my first snowfall.

I cannot wait to let Zero explore the snow! It isn’t sticking to the ground around my house yet, so he hasn’t been able to check it out, but I did wake him up to watch it fall outside the window. He has seriously been a real Grinch this season, ruining my Christmas tree, but somehow I still love him.


I hope you find the same strength to love the family members this season that may drive you nuts! 🙂
What have you been up to this season? Let me know in the comments below. I miss you all!

Love ya!



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