The Holiday Season

I cannot believe how many gatherings I have attended this month! Holidays, birthdays, work things – Abe & I have been busy every weekend and even some weeknights! It has definitely helped me deal with being away from my family, thankfully! Although when I opened the Christmas card from my parents on Saturday afternoon, I bawled my large green eyes out.

As you saw in last weeks post we attended the Santa Crawl last weekend. This weekend, on Friday, Abe had a Holiday party with the people he went through academy with this summer. One way or another, all of the friends I have made here are connected to Abe. These two girls happen to be his coworkers, and are absolutely marvelous. They’re hilarious. They hear me out and help me out. I’m very glad we got to spend an evening together. And eat!

058On Saturday after a long afternoon of (last minute) Christmas shopping, we went to an ugly sweater party with Abe’s closest friends. Unfortunately, I did not have an ugly sweater or any motivation to make one. So, as you will clearly see, I recycled Abe’s Santa Crawl pajamas and went as a pretty classic elf. Hilarious, I might add. The night was filled with laughs & hollers, and smiles & tears (but thankfully not mine)!

the OG crew
My new favorite pose
the twins!

Although the sweater party came to an unexpected and abrupt end (message me for details) Abe and I headed to meet some other friends at a work party. We enjoyed the open bar and DJ until about 2:30AM LOL


To end the weekend, Abe & I saw another beautiful sunset right outside of  my house (just ignore the RV park)!


& then we enjoyed homemade chicken salad for dinner.


Even with all of the parties and gatherings we have been attending, I cannot believe Christmas is only 3 days away. We will be going to Abe’s parents house for the night. It will be super laid back, but a lot of fun! The one gift I’m really hoping for (aside from a wonderful future with Abe, hehe) is snow. I know that it gets very cold where Abe grew up so hopefully the elements pull together for a white Christmas.

Wherever you are reading this, wherever you are spending your holidays, I hope you get the weather you wish for,and gifts you adore.

Happy Holidays, once again.



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