the New Year

2015, things are off to a b-e-a-utiful beginning.

I was lucky enough to ring in the New Year with Abe, some of his closest friends, and the new (absolutely wonderful) friends I’ve made here recently. I think this year, for me, #HomeMeansNevada will take on a new meaning. I think I’ve said this before, but it’s been stuck floating around in my mind lately. The longer I’m here, the more this feels like the right place for me. There is always something (new and) exciting to do or discover. From late nights downtown (that turn into very early mornings) to hikes and wild horses, day trips to gorgeous Lake Tahoe and down Mt. Rose, girls nights in & snow falling in my front yard, the gym, the new jobs, the atmosphere and the excitement — and all that is in between. This move is proving to have been a great idea. A great eye opener. A great escape. I couldn’t be happier for the life I’ve been lucky enough to live lately.

Happy New Year!

With that said — I do miss my parents. Tremendously. Every single day. For me, California and their tiny home will always be my safe haven. The biggest and most favorite piece of myself was shaped within those walls, by those people. And for that, I will be forever grateful. California is my past. It’s my foundation. It’s where the people who know me best still remain. And even though things are different for me now, they know (and if they don’t, they do know) that the most fragile pieces of my heart are and will always be there with them.

035 045

On a little lighter note, it is Saturday evening (night?) and that means I start work in just a little over 24 hours. I cannot believe it. Seriously! Abe said that he is really happy for me, but keeps asking me if I remember how to work! HA! Jerk.
I do, barely! Next week, it’s off to Maryland. Across the entire Nation. I can’t believe these adventures are starting for me, but if they weren’t, I know I wouldn’t be able to believe that either because this stagnant nonexistent career I’ve had the past 3 months, hasn’t given me much of a life at all.

Wishing you all well & happiness in 2015.
Welcome to the future!



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