A whole new world —

Wow! What can I say besides that? Who really knows. After spending 12 days away from my little home, I can definitely say I am beyond blessed with the life I have created for myself here. Sitting on this sofa, eating a cup of ice cream (drizzled in chocolate & caramel syrups) feels absolutely wonderful. Cleaning the shower earlier this afternoon wasn’t even as annoying as it usually is! Being gone for that many days makes you appreciate the little things in life — like being home to clean your own messes & hug your own pillow. With that said, however, traveling isn’t so bad either.

The first trip.

Flying across the Nation was a first for me. Flying more than 2 states away was new to me, so of course I took a hundred cliche “plane wing in the air” shots. I’ll spare you, and only post two here. You’re welcome. My journey started out as anybody elses would, NOT — with tears! I was terrified, as I mentioned in a previous post. I was terrified to leave my home, solid ground, my boyfriend, and my cat. Absolutely terrified. Looking back, I am very thankful that I didn’t have a choice because I know myself & I would have opted out of traveling that far. After completing the twelve days away, though, I am nothing but grateful that I was blessed with the opportunity.

Contrary to what I was expecting, the East Coast didn’t feel very far away at all. The three hour time change was difficult to comprehend and adjust to, at first, but aside from that I didn’t feel like I was someplace altogether new. It must have been the people and the atmosphere. The weather was cold & the people were friendly, much like things are back home. The restaurants were similar and the city’s felt the same. Baltimore resembled San Francisco; Hunt Valley felt like Modesto; Washington D.C. — well, alright, that felt different! For the most part, though, being away wasn’t as harsh as I expected it to be. I had a clean, warm shower to bathe myself in. I had a comfortable, clean & neat bed to sleep in. I had kind folks to mingle, eat & explore with. I had the luxury of walking a few hundred yards to work each morning, & the simple pleasure of being employed! I had the opportunity to walk in snowfall & see my first live comedy show.I had the time of my life.

lots of laughs!
fresly fallen snow.

While I was away, I spent much of the day in training (6-8 hours each weekday), as is to be expected on a business trip. After work one evening, though, a coworker and I took a bus to Target & a taxi home — that was a new experience! While inside Target, I would have never known I wasn’t back home in Nevada. They do a great job of making each of their stores one-in-the-same. One another night, I experienced something different when a few of us went out for dinner — Crab cakes. And on Sunday we actually visited Baltimore. Baltimore is home to a National Aquarium, so we decided that was worth the money. It had a very similar feel to the Monterey Bay Aquarium back home in California, except in Baltimore there are dolphins — which I was very excited about — and a Rain Forest experience. Seeing water from a different ocean (or Bay, more precisely stated) was a cool experience, too.

baltimore, MD
Inner Harbor

When Friday morning finally arrived, despite all the wonderful things I had done in Maryland, I will say I was ready to board my plane and come home. A little side note & fun fact, the plane I took home was on it’s first day of service. That was a really cool thing to be a part of — now that I’m home safely. LOL At the time it was announced, I must admit I was weary of it’s readiness. I used my first airplane bathroom, and am mystified at how some couples join the mile high club on a commercial airline. It is nearly impossible to fit one person in that stall, let alone two & movement. For real! I also discovered reading in the air –unlike the car– does not make me dizzy, and I was fortunately able to read 200 pages of 50 Shades Darker. Ooo lala.


In fact, I think it’s time I get back to it; on my own sofa, with my favorite blanket, while my wonderful boyfriend fixes me a home-cooked meal in my very own kitchen. I am so glad that I was away but boy, it is (so) good to be home !!

home means NV



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