Washington, D.C.


Never in a million years did I think I would actually be blessed with a chance to visit our Nation’s capital. Washington, D.C. And more so, never did I ever think I would get to do it for free! And then, the unthinkable happened. I got hired by a company whose headquarters are in Baltimore, MD & was sent there for training. For twelve days. What does that mean? You’re right. That means I was going to be there over a weekend. The stars lined up in my favor on that trip — for sure. The other trainees that were there with me, from the West Coast, were totally up for a Saturday adventure. We were lucky enough to be driven & guided by a former D.C. resident, so the experience was completely relaxing and enjoyable. Oh, and freezing!

We didn’t have enough time to visit any museums, and the line at Georgetown Cupcakes was exceptionally long, but our journey through the National Mall (which is where all of the touristy sites are, not a shopping mall, contrary to my original thoughts), was one I will never forget. I was most excited about seeing the Washington Monument because I feel like that is what is always shown on TV shows & movies. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint!

Frozen ponds & monuments.


My favorite moment, though, was when I walked into the Lincoln Memorial. Just .. wow. I was expecting a statue of Lincoln sitting in his chair that was comparable, or maybe a few times larger, than a normal seated man. Little did I know the Lincoln Memorial stands at nearly 200 (198) feet tall. The detailing made you feel as though Lincoln himself was looking out over the Nation. Talk about awe struck!


The Vietnam War Memorial was striking, too, but in a very different way. I never knew just how many American’s lost their lives in that fight. Thankfully, my fathers name was not one on that wall. After we walked the length of the National Mall & took in the Capital building, we headed toward the White House. We walked down Pennsylvania Avenue to get there; following the same steps our President’s take after they are inaugurated (we just walked it in the opposite direction). That was a very surreal feeling as well (as was taking a selfie with the White House).


the Best selfie
the Best selfie!

All in all, as I’m sure you can see, the trip to D.C. was all that I ever imagined it to be. I am hooked! I definitely hope to re-visit this beautiful city (with my family) in the Spring or Fall, as I have been told it is even more beautiful, and a lot less cold! We were blessed with beautiful blue skies so that the photographs (and there were zillions) we snapped are gorgeous, but what you can’t see is the bitter chill in the air. Brrr !!!



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