Nice to Meet You; Where You Been?


I’m pretty sure –99.9%– that Taylor Swift wrote these lyrics about Coffee. I have recently become obsessed or addicted whatever you want to call it, with a warm, freshly brewed cup of coffee, in my PJs in, the morning. More correctly stated, I’m probably obsessed with the idea of the cup of coffee; it makes me feel like a grown up. A real life responsible adult. but whichever way you look at it, it’s real & it’s fabulous.


I have been drinking “coffee” since high school but never like this. Coffee was always more of a dessert in my mind. A blended, cool, caramel filled fantasy. The classic Starbucks sugar filled fraappuccino was the only coffee I knew. And that was fine & wonderful until I met the counterpart: warm, wake-me-up, bond-with-my-boyfriend, enjoy-in-my-pajamas, plenty-of-creamer coffee. More good news? I’ve always had an obsession with mugs but never justified purchasing them. Now we’ve got a whole new ball game, folks! 🙂

Drinking coffee probably wasn’t this life changing for any other being on the planet, but it has felt phenomenal for me. I feel like an adult instead of a child. Drinking coffee for all of the right reasons; like waking up with a smile & becoming a morning person, instead of the childish ones, like for a dessert replacement (besides, now I can have more cake). Coffee has made me feel more adult in other facets of my life, too, surprisingly. Like budgeting. Although I owe the budget credit to my close friend Marissa, working on the budget is more fun with a cup of coffee in my hand while Kelly & Michael entertain me Live from New York. And if daunting tasks like waking up & budgeting are enjoyable (and help me save money), it looks like I’ve got a win-win-win going on thanks to my new cafinated friend. #winning


It is true, there are a lot of things about being an adult that really suck. Like having to work out, being conscience about what you put into your body, paying bills, having kids, buying homes, fixing cars, and so on and so forth. But I think as with anything else in life, adulthood just requires a little perspective. Find some thing (or things) about being an adult that you really enjoy and use them to help you handle the tougher parts of growing up (my advice? choose coffee). Fall in love with the idea of who you are and where you are right now. Stop dreaming of the world to come and revel in the little victories of of the present.

I hope that all of you find at least one thing that helps you handle the life you’re beginning, or continuing, to live. As it has been said before, “whatever gets you through the night (or day) is alright.”



P.S. I guess it’s kind of cute that I fell in love with Coffee in February. HA! Happy (early) Valentine’s everyone! Fall in love with something this month, <3.


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