Saturdays & Sundays.

Oh how I love the weekend! Whether it be 110 degrees with the sun beaming down or a snowy, snowy day — there is something I just adore about Saturdays. Maybe it is the fact that I don’t have to do anything. I get to wake up when I want, I get to play with who I want, and talk to who I want, and if I choose those to be nothing and nobody then that is OK too.

This Saturday carried with it a different feeling for some people, but for me it just felt like another day. This Saturday, for those of you trying to forget, was Valentines Day. Abe & I (well, Abe) aren’t big on the romance thing. We don’t swoon over mushy text messages or call each other endearing names. We don’t hide our ugly sides or pretend to be people we aren’t. We don’t only love each other on February 14. We have been lucky enough to create a loving life with each other every day. So this Saturday we left the pressure of the romantic holiday behind us & approached the day as it was any other typical Reno Saturday. Which turned out quite lovely if I do say so myself. In the morning, we each went to our respective gyms. Abe to play dodgball (for a great cause) and myself to workout (LEG day). As I was finished before him, I met up with him at the dodgeball tournament & was unexpectedly added to an existing team as a substitute (and actually played against Abe — & won).

Game on!


We decided to support the food truck that came out to the event, so our Valentines lunch plans got tossed aside. The nachos & chili we had were just what we needed after our long morning workoutS. After we ate, we headed downtown to grab some cupcakes & feed the ducks at the local (and beautiful) Truckee River. My cupcake ended up pretty bland & came with a hair I did not request; and none of the ducks wanted our bread. Despite our rotten luck, though, it was a beautiful day and I was deeply grateful Abe was there for all of the experiences with me. We laughed — a lot.


094 079


That night, Abe went out with his friend to a local concert and I met up with some girls for (yes, I know, so cliche) the 50 Shades of Grey movie. And boy, am I glad I did. The drinks and the laughter we started the night with were just what I needed to end my perfect day; and the movie, well, just watch it and I think that will speak for itself. Your experience probably won’t come equipped with a snoring viewer as mine did, though. Classic & hilarious.

50 [shades]

On Sunday, I did chores until 2:43PM & it felt fabulous. I love the feeling of sitting down to relax in a spotless, warm scented home and that is exactly what I did. Abe & I went out for a nice unexpected dinner & then watched The Bachelor; our guilty pleasure.

I hope that every single one of you had as perfect of a weekend as I did, whether you chose to acknowledge the love stricken Holiday or not.

Until next time (which may be a while as I am re-submerged in the 50 Shades trilogy), I love you!


PS. Abe had a 3 day weekend; I loved seeing him at lunch Monday. 🙂


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