Happy Friday (the 13th).

People, pretty much all of us, all people, associate superstitions with negativity. The truth is, I don’t think that’s the right –or fair– thing to do. Today is Friday, February 13th. and many of us are probably attributing our bad luck or problems to the simple fact that today is, well, today. Unfortunately, I can say that bad things happen to people at all times; no matter the date, the season, the year, or the situation. There are constantly good & bad things happening to good & bad people.

Let’s look at this a little closer. Today, it is a record high 72 degrees & sunny in Reno, NV. I wore my favorite new skirt to work & I got a free cupcake at our team huddle. Nothing bad has happened to me today. My car didn’t unexpectedly break down, I didn’t wake up with the flu or walk out of the restroom with toilet paper stuck to my rump. Earlier this week, though, I got some really troubling news about my father. It wasn’t Friday the 13th. There wasn’t a warning. There wasn’t a nice pretty bow made of caution tape greeting the news before it arrived. I was just told that my father has cancer at the end of a perfectly normal workday in the middle of the perfectly normal workweek. And it wasn’t Friday the 13th, it wasn’t rainy or gloomy or sad when I found out that my mother went to the emergency room because she could ‘t breathe, nor was there any sort of sign when my ex-boyfriend unexpectedly broke up with me on that sunny March afternoon as I happily soaped and rinsed the dishes. It wasn’t a superstitious day or in the midst of a superstitious situation when my best friends (asshole) husband left her, pregnant and alone. Just like I’m sure there wasn’t any explanation for quite a few –or maybe all– of the terrifying things you have experienced in your life.

Fortunately, there is another side to this superstitious coin. There are wonderful things we can examine, and we will. I’d like to point out that it was, Friday the 13th when all the wonderful things that happened to me today happened. It was Friday the 13th when I wore my new skirt & got a free cupcake. It was Friday the 13th the day my current (and fabulous) boyfriend took me on our first date. It was today, Friday February 13th 2015, when thousands of people received their miracle and were made parents.

I think a lesson that we can take away from superstitions and situations like today is simple. We must approach everyday with the same attitude, the same philosophy. No matter the feeling the day has previously carried, you must not approach it with the same negativity it once presented you with. On the same token, you cannot approach a regular day thinking you’re invincible because bad news can unfortunately come at any time.

I challenge you to take a look around you. Right now. Take a look around. & count your blessings. Even though I’m sure you feel like sometimes you have none, you have plenty. Even if you’re a single mother living in your parents home trying to make things work; you have a blessing to count. Even if you are a graduate student still searching for a job; you have a blessing to count. Even if you’re an 81-year-old man who can’t find the strength to carry-on because your spouse is gone; you have a blessing to count.

If you take a moment, just one moment, to look around you you will find beauty in any of the objects you so often overlook –a pair of comfortable leggings, a mouth full of teeth, a computer screen to see this on– and  I promise you that should you make yourself do this every day, every day,will somehow be beautiful.

The little potential for a fabulous life is everywhere, every day, you just have to find it.



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