Activities; lots of activities

If there is one thing about being in Reno that I have absolutely become obsessed with it is the abundance of activities in the area. Whether you are going to the gym, or out hiking, to feed wild horses, see a movie, shop at the mall, grab a fancy coffee, try out all kinds of delicious foods, ride go-karts indoors, swim in Lake Tahoe, snow shoe up Mt. Rose or walk the river trail — there is always something to do. I think it would be a wonderful place to raise a family, and am certain it is a wonderful place to visit. After living here for almost a year (holy.crap), I can say with confidence I completely understand the saying: Biggest Little City In The World.



Today, Abe & I met up with a couple of his friends from the gym and went for a hike. We didn’t have to drive 45 minutes to get there or up a windy road; we simply drove across town. Walking through the Sierra Nevada’s always provides beautiful scenery, however today the wilderness was even more fascinating. The sun was shining and snow flurries were falling. It was an incredible experience. Although I love a great session inside the gym, getting outdoors and moving around for an active rest & recovery day was exactly what I (and I think we all) needed. Plus, the post exercise pizza wasn’t so bad either (sorry, no photo, my phone unexpectedly died).


my Love



…One week later…

As my life continues to progress in Reno, I feel the same way I did a week ago. Which, for a twenty-five year old neurotic female is actually quite surprising — & impressive! This weekend proved just as (if not more?) exciting & enjoyable than last weekend. On Friday night, one of Abe’s closest friends flew home (he’s in the Navy), so the usual’s all went out downtown. We played beer pong. We ate raunchy Cal Neva meals. We gambled. & we laughed; oh did we laugh!


On Saturday, I met up with the girls and had the best day. Wait, back up. It Snowed!! Ahh, even after the entire winter has (almost) passed, I am still absolutely in love with the picturesque sight of falling fluffy snow. It must be the central-valley girl coming out in me. Back to the girls — despite the snow (rain, slush, cold) we went and got our nails done. Mani’s & pedis. My feet are still squealing with excitement, and Abe is no longer repulsed by them on his lap. We walked around Target for a bit with a Starbucks, duh. In our boots and leggings, duh. And had quite the gossip session next to the sheets & the shoes, duh. Typical white girl status. Some days it’s nice to be around a bunch of girls. Just so you reassure yourself that you really aren’t crazy, you’re just female. & that is exactly what we did on Saturday. I hope they know how much I appreciate their belly laughs and casual behavior. Something tells me that they do.


Today, Sunday, I actually woke up at Abe’s house. It has been quite a while! His bed is really quite comfortable, so it was really nice. I did have that split second moment when I woke up where I couldn’t figure out where I was. It was hilarious. And terrifying LOL Thankfully, it was also quick! (Sidenote: Abe’s good friend moved into his place this weekend, so I have a feeling we’ll be over there more often now. Which, I don’t mind, because I like the house, the roommates and the change of scenery). Anyway, after we woke up & had breakfast burritos (whoopsie), Abe and I went to our respective gyms (ahh, so good of us), and then had a great day!

We got pretty coffee —






We ate great pizza —


Then we watched a movie (from the 90s!) and got donuts. & groceries. And meal prepped.

I was really irritable today. I am facing quite a few stressful situations at the moment; none too big, all just very frustrating. And it was really nice to spend & end the day with Abe. Even when I yell at him, or whine, or get cranky — he always seems to make me feel better. Sitting here in my little apartment I feel euphoria. I have friends. I have family. I have Zero & I have Abe. (and I have a Michael Koors purse hanging on my coat rack AHHHH). I’m pretty sure I have it all.

I hope that you feel this way someday; & if you don’t life really isn’t fair.







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