Reality check!

Oh heyyy. Lately I have been so up on my soap box, I’m pretty sure many of you probably forgot that I have an actual life. Sometimes, I think I forget. I get so fixated on attempting to deal with or understand a certain situation, I don’t realize the world is still moving on around me. But it is; it does that. The world doesn’t stop for anything or anybody. &If we aren’t careful we could miss it.

Today, I saw it. I really enjoyed my life. I didn’t spend too much time worrying about things I cannot change, and instead, I handled the things I do have a say in. I took the time to load up my removable disk drive with beautiful moments and then I went to CVS and got some photos printed. I came home and recreated this space as my own. All of the frames on my walls are re-filled, and seeing them helps me remember how fuckin’ rad I am. There are so many frozen moments from my life that I simply radiate happiness, and I am incredibly grateful for each and every one of them. &that I am the person I am. (I’m totally bringing rad back, by the way).

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Secondly, I managed to drag my lazy ass to the grocery store, AND I meal prepped. Word up!


Best of all, I watched one of my favorite movies; He’s Just Not That Into You. No tip-toeing around anybody’s feelings in that movie & that is exactly what I needed today. (it might be what people need in general, everyday. brutal honesty is so refreshing).

I’m realizing, as I write about today, that I had a pretty great weekend overall. It started out terrible. One of my best friends moved away & after I saw her off I got my first speeding ticket — I know, sucks — but I completely deserved it; and from there the day really only went up. The right people made me smile in all the right ways (swoon), and then I spent the night with my sister-in-law drinking rum & cokes, watching Clueless, and creating some pretty hilarious inside jokes.


I feel like my life is this intense emotional roller coaster lately. One minute, I’m brushing my teeth and I have to will myself to not burst into tears, and within a few short hours I feel like things couldn’t get better for me; like I’m riding a unicorn through a field of daisies. I don’t understand what that means. I don’t know if that means I’m twenty-five. If it means I’m going through changes. If it means I’m legitimately losing my mind. I don’t know. But maybe I should just stop asking what it means. Maybe I should just revel in every moment; good and bad. Since the reason I put to the situation doesn’t change the situation at all. (ah-ha!).

Tomorrow, I’ll be back on my soap box. He’s Just Not That Into You gave me a lot of fuel for the fire, so to speak. I feel like I have too much to say, and wouldn’t be able create a cohesive statement tonight, so I’ll marinade on all of the ideas in my head and be back tomorrow (I know, I know, you can hardly wait).

Off to bed; tomorrow is Monday already!

Ps. Happy (sleepy) Easter! 🙂



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