The Exception.

The saying goes “You meet one person, and your whole life changes forever.”

I feel like for me, my whole life changes with every person that I meet. I become infatuated with the idea that fate brought you to me; boy, girl, boss, customer, friend or enemy. I feel like every single person that enters my life is here for a reason; everybody becomes an instrumental player. And that might make me crazy, but if I’ve learned anything from those of you who’ve opened up to me lately, it’s that we are all crazy – in our own ways.

Some of us obsess over boys, while some of us obsess over the gym. Some of us cry at the sight of spilt milk while others can’t seem to find the courage to publicly emit even one trace of an emotion. Some of us curse, some of us kid. We bury ourselves in our work, or our fantasies or our partners and friends. We’re all uniquely made.

And you, you’re definitely no exception, but I haven’t figured you out yet; I haven’t had the chance. The pleasure. Passing glances turned to friendly smiles. A solitary wave. and finally a full blown conversation. I wonder what will come next. The number exchange? Coffee down the river walk? I wonder what your favorite color is and what your home looks like. I wonder if you’ll understand my quick wit and sarcasm or if my jokes will fall on deaf ears. I wonder if we’ll ever be more than two strangers in the gym. I wonder if you’re married, or engaged, or happily in love. (Please no!) I wonder if you want babies. Or If you miss New York. I wonder what you smell like & about all of your guilty pleasures. I wonder if you’re vegan, or paleo, or if we can get down on some carbs. I wonder if we’ll drive through my favorite neighborhood someday & fantasize about our future. And if you’ll be okay taking a thousand pictures with me. I wonder if you like to hold hands, or snuggle, or if you’re as independent as they come. I wonder if you wonder about me. I wonder about you far too often and far too much; But that’s who I am.

I turn every could be into a should-be will-be has-to-happen. Even after all the failures I’ve witnessed. After all the times I’ve been wrong. I can’t give up on the dream; the fantasy. The exception.

Are you my exception, Mr Grey?



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