Conserving Energy

Conserving Energy.
I think that conserving energy is a very wise decision. It’s a hot topic around the globe, and it is gaining momentum daily. While I do believe in the “going green” concept and love the quote “You wouldn’t want someone to turn you on & walk away, would you?” implying we need to turn the lights off when we leave a room; I believe that more people should focus on conserving their personal energy.

It’s been a while since life has taught me a lesson. But last night, she came around. & I learned.
I learned this: The fear of something is often worse than the actual event itself.

A person will worry about everything – a boyfriend or girlfriend moving on, missing their flight at the airport, a family member receiving a terrible diagnosis, getting fired, getting hurt, or being ignored. We’ll worry about the weather on our Wedding Day, or the traffic on our way home. We worry how, when such a dreaded event happens, we’ll ever survive. We wonder how it will feel. We wonder why something so terrible would happen to us. We wonder how we’ll find out. And who we’ll become once it occurs.

And then it happens, that thing you’ve been dreading, it’s suddenly here. It blindsides you one night as you’re eating dinner, or one day as you’re sitting patiently at the airport, or when you pick up a very unexpected phone call. And what I realized yesterday is that you can’t let these things get to you. You cannot let the repercussions of an un-welcomed event reverberate throughout your life. You have to recognize that although they may sometimes be painful, or hard to understand, there is literally nothing you can do except accept them for what they are, & move the hell on.

Why; you may ask. Why shouldn’t I fight back, or argue, or counter the things that hurt me. The things that aren’t fair. The things I don’t understand. And to you I relay a message one of my (very wise) friends once told me, “Can’t waste time worrying about things you have no control over, you’d never accomplish anything.” And I really hate to admit when men are right, but by God, he was. He was so right. You just can’t put energy into things you don’t have control over.

Whether it’s Fate, or the Lord, or sheer disregard that you lean on – put your trust and energy into something other than worry or doubt. Or you’ll forever exhaust yourself worrying about things that you can’t change.

Conserve your energy. Because what I’ve learned (or been taught) lately is that the things that you can’t change – in the long run – really don’t matter.



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