When it rains, it Pours.

I’m sitting here tonight in my apartment, and I can hear a faint white noise from the rain drizzling down outside. It has been dumping since before I left work almost 4 hours ago. I’m not complaining, because I have grown to love winter since I moved somewhere that it snows, but it did make me think about that saying “When it rains, it pours.”

I think this is true not only in nature, but in life. Now, this isn’t going to be a post all about negative things, because who wants to sit and listen to someone drone on about their hardships for 15 minutes. We all have enough pain of our own. And I promise, if you think you know somebody who has none – you’re wrong.

Anyway, I’ve got a pretty great life. I’ve mentioned some of the best things about it in previous posts, but what’s a little more positivity. For starters, I live alone – so  I never wear pants. #Win And, I live about 5-7 minutes from my job, the gym, & the grocery store (depending on the mood of the stoplights) so when I do have to put on pants, the trek that follows is never much of a trek at all. I have a lovely car that is paid off, and a TV, a brand new computer & the Internet. I have lots of wonderful friends, and a stellar relationship with my parents. I am not lactose intolerant – and that’s reason enough to celebrate because ice cream. However, lately, I have had my fair share of woes. and they are wearing. me. down.

I have always been a super healthy person. I don’t visit the doctor very often. Well, actually, I hadn’t been in over 11 years? Until I had to go last week. Humph. I have been experiencing the most random and sudden nausea episodes over the past couple of months, and I cannot figure out what they are stemming from. Being nauseous is one of my least favorite things on Earth, which I’m sure is an opinion I share with a lot of people. So, I figured I better try to figure out what is going on. Or, let someone else figure it out I should say. I asked the doctor if he would run a blood panel, so I could have peace of mind, & to my surprise it came back normal. Which is comforting, but doesn’t help with the problem whatsoever. So, now I’m healthy but don’t feel that way. And it’s weighing on me pretty heavily. I am a worry wort, or maybe a hypochondriac who watched way too many episodes of House, so naturally I think there is an underlying cause the blood panel missed – and a horrific one at that. A lot of my friends who know me well think I’m just having anxiety issues, which could be true, but if it is something as simple as nerves and mind over matter – how silly do I feel if I can’t shake it off?
Anyway, in addition to that shit storm, I also managed to nail my quad on the corner of a UPS box this morning, and not only did I get a serious raspberry, I got a large bruise. Who catches their leg on the corner of a box filled with Christmas Joy? This girl.
And the final straw, the instance that made me write all of this down – tonight after my shower I was using a make up remover wipe (y’know, to mop up that under eye residue) and I poked myself in the eyeball with my fingernail. OUCH! And as I was drying my hair, I looked up into the mirror and noticed not only did I poke myself, I popped a blood vessel.

I am a hot. damn. mess.
I know maybe some of you wouldn’t consider these minor inconveniences (or, acts of stupidity) “pouring,” but for me – they’re grand. I feel like I can’t catch a break. Not only do I randomly feel like crap, now I’ve got a massive bruise & a bloodshot eyeball. UGH. And it’s raining outside! Humph.

I’m not looking for the silver lining, because I know it’s there & it’s thick. There are a million things going right for me. But sometimes, like tonight, the three that manage to simultaneously go wrong are impossible to dodge.

I guess I better find an umbrella (ella ella ay ay).



10 thoughts on “When it rains, it Pours.

      1. Yeah I noticed that too as I was reading your blog. I like it. A lot of bloggers write as if it’s a school assignment and I don’t find stuff like that enjoyable or genuine.


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