16 Things 2016 Taught Me.

This great idea came about where all great ideas do. In the shower. I’m actually currently jotting this down in my “Notes” as I stand here in the warm cascading water. Don’t you dare judge me.

Alright. Now that I am back at my computer (did I mention she’s a new, gold, MacBook – swoon), let’s get to it. I like lists. Well, I might love them. I keep a running list of quotes on my phone, I make a list before I pack for any type of vacation or over-night adventure, I make a grocery list & a to-do list at work. I made a “25 Things I learned by 25 list.” I love them. So, naturally, I thought it would be fun to create a list of the things I learned this year. Things that I’d like to take with me into 2017. Let’s go –

  1. “It’s not easy, but it’s really simple.”
    When I was having a conversation with one of my friends, he said this to me and I immediately grabbed my phone & jotted it down. I thought it was perfectly stated and universal. A lot of the time, we convince ourselves that things are complicated just because they’re difficult. That, in most instances, is not the case. Just because something is complicated, doesn’t mean it’s hard. Stop overcomplicating things. Stop overanalyzing, and overthinking, and overdoing them. Just because it’s difficult, doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Rip the bandage off. It’s not easy, but it’s really simple.
  2. Exfoliating. Ah, this year I got my first facial (please don’t make that dirty) & it was quite the experience. It taught me that when your skin is pampered, you really don’t need makeup. And also, that exfoliating. is. necessary. It’s important, and beneficial, but more than that, it’s enjoyable. I fell in love with Bath & Body Works Sugar scrubs, and I exfoliate my body at the end of all of my bad days. The scrubs smell divine & leave my skin feelin’ extra smooth. I also Exfoliate my face twice a week now with a pore scrub. Who am I?! I’m not usually girly like this, but something about the rough texture & smooth outcome of an exfoliant has made me that way. Go buy one.
  3. Tan lines are sexy. I kind of knew this already, but I re-leared it this summer when I spent 123,456 hours at my pool. (alone, of course). Tanning at the pool is my summer equivalent to watching Netflix in the winter. I do it when I’m bored. It’s a great place to think. However, it’s also a great place to develop caramel brown skin & a white ass. The tan-lines I developed this summer were bangin’ & I can hardly wait for next years.
  4. Talking with other people who write is more enjoyable than talking to people who don’t appreciate words. One of my friends recently stated journaling, and I feel like somehow, that strengthened our bond. I also started chatting with another blogger, and I feel like he might understand me better than people who have known me for years now. Words are powerful & I am thankful everyday for all of the people who use them for good. Its amazing what you can learn if you just take some time to listen to other people, & yourself.
  5. My mom is still my best friend.Yep. Even at my age, she’s still one of my favorite people. I don’t know where I would be without her. Probably somewhere crying. I love her for everything she’s given me, and kept me from. She’s the only person who I will forgive no matter what, and vice versa. I love you, mama!
  6. Cats can get freckles. Seriously! My cat is all white, and probably has some sort of pigment issue – I’m not too sure. Anyway, he loves to spend afternoons out on my patio, and I let him in the summer because we’re on the second story so he can’t get away. My mom seems to think this is where his freckle came from – insinuating I’m a bad fur-parent, letting my child get too much sun, which gave him a freckle. I think it was just in his DNA to make him cuter. Whatever or wherever it came form – I’m glad it did. It’s on the tip of his nose & it’s the cutest. thing. ever.
  7. Death never gets easier. Not with age. Not with time. Not ever. When you lose somebody, you don’t get over it. You don’t sweep it under the rug, or put it up in the attic. You carry it around with you every single day. You miss them. You see them in your dreams. You still worry about them. You hear their voice & see their smile. Death never gets easier, and I hope you don’t learn that for a very. long. time.
  8. Rekindling is possible. You probably shouldn’t rekindle every relationship you’ve had the past, but sometimes when you lose a big one over a silly misunderstanding, getting that person back is possible – and rad. I missed her & I’m glad she’s back.
  9. For better or for worse is a real thing. Sometimes you & your spouse will find
    yourselves in shit situations. Your baby won’t sleep, your house won’t sell, your in laws don’t listen – sometimes all 3. Remember in these moments that all things are temporary. That when you said for better, you also said for worse. Thank you for teaching me surviving both is possible.
  10. Going to the movies alone is ok. Shoo-wee, I went to my first solo movie at a theater this past summer and it was a wonderful experience. Giggling at things alone in public is kind of weird, but it’s also exhilarating. I kind of can’t wait to go to the movies alone again. This is me wishing a fabulous movie trailer drops soon.
  11. White hot cocoa is a thing. Seriously. Am I the only person who didn’t know this? I am a huge fan of original hot cocoa, but did you know that you can order hot white cocoa? Shut. Up. I got a Snickerdoodle flavored cocoa at Starbucks last night, and I am A). highly impressed and B). Mind blown.
  12. Budgeting is helpful. This year, I kept an excel-like sheet on my refrigerator with all of my bills on it. When I paid a bill, I wrote the amount in the little square for that month. Its super helpful to glance at something & see what’s paid & what is still outstanding. Plus, it’s cool to see how your energy bill fluctuates as the months change, and it’s uncool to see when things you have on auto-pay start to rip you off (eff you insurance)!
  13. Friendship is a 2-way street. This year, I learned that if I am always initiating contact with someone, we aren’t friends. Its quite pathetic when 96% of the bubbles in our texting conversation are blue (for those of you without an iPhone, blue bubbles were sent by me). So, if you don’t hear from me much anymore – you probably did it to yourself. Bye Felicia.
  14. The deli at the supermarket slices salami. And it’s delicious. If you can buy fresh sliced salami, you should.
  15. Things aren’t always as they appear. I guess I’ve known this for a while, but I ran into quite a few people this year who openly admitted to me that they are NOT happy with their relationships – yet they’re still in them & everyone around them is convinced they’re happy. More over, I learned not to ever. be. this. person.
  16. It doesn’t matter who your Ex is dating. I was at a party this winter and my friend was telling me about my exes new girlfriend – who happens to be another friend of ours. Which to me is weird, and kind of unnecessary. There are billions of men on Earth, did you really have to use one I’ve already had? Anyway – I was annoyed by it and my brother overheard me. He came up and said, “Hey – do you know who my ex girlfriend is dating? Nobody fuckin’ gives a shit.” and since that moment, I haven’t given it another thought. He was a little blunt, but also so, so right.

I hope 2017 teaches me more than 2016 did.
(get it, because I’ll need one more thing on my list… Oh, never mind). And I hope what I learned somehow helps you, or was at least interesting to read.



4 thoughts on “16 Things 2016 Taught Me.

  1. Woah was that a shoutout to me in #5!? I think when bloggers talk to other bloggers (writers to other writer) there’s somewhat of an instant bond because its in those interactions that our words are what matter most. We don’t have facial reactions, hand gestures, or eye contact to speak for us, just words. I think its pretty cool and non writers/bloggers are missing out.

    Also, you just realized now that they slice fresh salami??? As an Italian, I’ve been having salami from the deli since I was old enough to chew it. Have you ever tried prosciutto before?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was! #Yasss #4
      lol, I used to just buy Gallo salami. In the package. For some reason I never realized it was also a deli meat that could be sliced, like turkey.
      I think I’ve tried prosciutto, maybe? At a party?


  2. I love this list! My cat totally has freckles too. I’m convinced. I also really love going to the movies alone. There’s no compromising which movie to go see. You go to the one you want to see the most. It’s nice haha. I for once hate tan lines! I’m so self-conscious if my tan lines are showing when I wear a dress or something.

    Liked by 1 person

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