I saw something a while back on Instagram that made me giggle. It was a post with Gold Stars for Adults. I know it was meant to be funny (and it was), but I think it was one of those things that are funny because they’re true, and nobody can admit that without laughing to cover up how horribly sad the truth of the matter is. They said things like “Look at you eatin’ food,” and “You got outside today, thats so awesome.” Being an adult is exhausting. It’s trying, mentally and emotionally taxing, confusing, stressful, both over & underrated, fun, scary, and weird. It’s true what they say, though, the alternative to growing old is much worse. you know?

My car had a little episode over the Holiday weekend, and I’m now caught in between say-a-prayer-before-each-drive and bite-the-bullet-and-buy-a-new-car. It’s been hell. I fixate on things, and I therefore haven’t been able to stop thinking about this huge issue. Can I afford a new car? I’ll make it work so that I am safe. Was it just a mishap and my old car is fine? Or, is she about to croak. What if I buy a new car, and my old one runs for years and years? What a waste of money at an inopportune time that would be. Which lead me to think things like: at 27 I should have a better job than the one I have now, I shouldn’t have to wonder if I can afford a car, or a manicure. Am I at the wrong job? Am I underpaid?

Along the same lines, I mentioned I hadn’t been feeling good recently. Thank the sweet, sweet, Lord my appetite is pretty much back in full swing. But I still don’t take any moment I find myself hungry for granted. And I don’t think anyone else should, either. I think it’s important to take time to acknowledge all of the things we accomplish in a day. An hour. A year. A month. A nanosecond. The simple fact that we can manage to remember to breathe is reason enough to celebrate, most days. And I’m tired of overlooking these minuscule victories. I’m tired of shining a beaming light on all of the negative things that happen to me, while I toss the wonderful moments over my shoulder into a pile never to be seen again.

So, not anymore!
Congratulations to me, and anyone else, who managed to get a kiss this week. This month. This morning. Congratulations to all of us who have nail polish on our fingers, and shaped eyebrows. Good job for exfoliating. Way to go, you ate 3 meals every day this week. Hooray for making it to the gym. You rock for remembering to take out the trash. Good job to those of us who have pets, and cleaned up their puke today. Or, have friends kind enough to help us out with that. Congratulations on not crying today, so far. For paying your bills. For making it to work on time. Congratulations on doing laundry & having clean sheets on the bed. You are rad for checking the mail. For (finally) being honest with yourself about your feelings. For allowing your mind, & body, time to relax. For shoveling the drive way. For letting the car warm up before you take off. Congratulations on watching an entire movie, or TV Series. Way to go for unloading the dishwasher. And scheduling the massage you need. For not eating your hair, just yet (Jess!). For remembering your probiotics. & your vitamins. For not rubbing your relationship in everyones face’s via social media. Congratulations on being an adult. On surviving every bad day life has thrown at you so far. You go, motherfucker, you’re awesome.



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