It’s not you, or me.

I hate the saying “Its not you, it’s me.”
It’s so… it’s so mean. It’s a cop out. A softener. Something we say to people when we’re trying not to hurt their feelings. I wish we could abolish it from the English language. I wish nobody would ever use this as the easy way out ever again. There doesn’t always have to be someone at fault; someone to blame. Sometimes, things don’t work out because they just don’t work out.

I realized, as I was slicing up some steak, that somebody wanting to be with you & somebody liking you are two completely separate ideas. & I am embarrassed to say that it took me 27 years to realize this (or, re-realize this). When somebody doesn’t want to date you, exclusively, till death do you part – that doesn’t always meant that they don’t like you, or even love you. Maybe, right now, they can’t give you the attention you need, or deserve. Maybe they aren’t ready to commit, or don’t believe in it. But just because somebody doesn’t want to lock you down, make you their sweet baby angel, doesn’t always mean they don’t like you. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t infatuated with you, or miss you every second you’re away. It doesn’t mean they don’t think you’re good enough, or pretty. And it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with either of you.

Sometimes, when someone doesn’t want to be with you, that’s all that it means: they simply don’t want to be with you. Don’t beat yourself up overanalyzing every little move they make. Don’t force, down their throat, every reason they should be with you, or reiterate how they basically are without admitting it. Just let it be what it is. Try, for a little while, to let their feelings be their feelings, and your feelings be your own. I think you’ll feel better – I know I do.

Musical influences:
Rihanna – “You’ve mistaken the love I brought for your for foundation.”

Nick Jonas – “One thing I love more than being with you, and that’s late nights, doing what I want to do.”

Faith Hill – “I could cry and say i need you, Tell you that i die when you’re not here. I could lie and say i love you, Pour a little poison in your ear. But all i’m gonna give you is, Nothing but the bare and naked truth. Baby i want you.”



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