101 Things I Adore.

Adore: like (something or someone) very much.

Hi. I stole this from Paul, who stole it from Aaron, who stole it from Jess. (I don’t know how to link to their blogs, but they’re all rad). I tend to say “___ is my favorite thing on Earth” about a ton of things. Below are 101 of them.

  1. Multicolored glitter nail polish.
  2. The little jar of miniature chocolates I keep at my desk for cravings.
  3. Holding hands. (oh #swoon, it’s my favorite thing ever)
  4. The free water dispenser in our office.
  5. Visiting a new state (& adding a pin to my travel board).
  6. Making people belly laugh.
  7. Newborn photos.
  8. Hardwood floors.
  9. Driving with no destination.
  10. The sound of my voice when I’m sick.
  11. Telephone calls.
  12. My Polaroid camera.
  13. The double chocolate cake my parents get me every year for my birthday.
  14. Ice skating.
  15. Seat heaters.
  16. Inside jokes.
  17. Rom Coms
  18. Candids.
  19. Vaseline.
  20. Journaling.
  21. Back squats.
  22. Fire Fighters.
  23. The new “__/__” scale people use for things. ie: 12/10 this blog makes me happy.
  24. Relatable memes.
  25. Not wearing pants.
  26. Country concerts.
  27. Wakeboarding.
  28. iPhone cases.
  29. Chocolate shell.
  30. When boys slightly touch me when we’re sleeping together.
  31. People who follow the rules.
  32. Abs.
  33. Paper straws (for decoration only).
  34. Dolphins.
  35. The Ampersand.
  36. Dirty Pick Up Trucks.
  37. Puppies.
  38. Bows.
  39. Voting.
  40. Wearing a hoodie & a bikini.
  41. Freshly shaven legs.
  42. Bubble baths.
  43. My planner.
  44. Polar Ice gum.
  45. When anybody plays with my hair.
  46. Being tiny.
  47. Toned butts.
  48. The number 2
  49. The smell of the laundry detergent aisle.
  50. When you hug a boy before he leaves, and later on you move & catch a whiff of his cologne.
  51. The sonogram of my niece sucking her thumb.
  52. Ballerinas.
  53. Height.
  54. A man in a White V Neck.
  55. Being the only girl in my family.
  56. Cleaning my ears.
  57. Going back home.
  58. Pizza Plus breadsticks.
  59. Very soft blankets.
  60. Target.
  61. Warm chocolate chip cookies.
  62. Sunsets.
  63. Wearing a hairtie on my right wrist.
  64. Butterflies before a date.
  65. Captain Morgan.
  66. Brutal honesty.
  67. Yellow vanilla tree car air fresheners.
  68. Broccoli with Mayo.
  70. First kisses.
  71. Thoughtful gifts.
  72. The voicemails my mom leaves me.
  73. Chocolate donuts.
  74. When someone says “this song reminds me of you.”
  75. When a song reminds me of someone.
  76. Hot showers.
  77. Sea turtles.
  78. Moving on.
  79. Budgeting.
  80. Cheap sunglasses.
  81. Humble people.
  82. Watching Gymnastics.
  83. Realizations.
  84. Mugs.
  85. Eggo Waffles.
  86. My parents backyard when my dad BBQs.
  87. Green salsa.
  88. The free bean dip you get at the restaurant in my college town.
  89. Feeling pretty.
  90. Lip gloss.
  91. Snowfall.
  92. Pasta.
  93. Definitions.
  94. Hiccups.
  95. Perfect teeth.
  96. Wooden decks.
  97. My brother’s wedding venue.
  98. Purrs.
  99. When someone else curls my hair.
  100. Dependable friends.
  101. Forehead kisses.

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