Everything Else > These Things

I’m sorry to do this to you again, Paul, but I’m a sucker for lists. And, I almost did this yesterday but I thought people would holler at me for being negative. So, thank you for paving the way.

Behold: 101 Things I Dislike

  1. The crusty thing that forms around the lotion dispenser.
  2. My nylons getting runs after wearing them 1 time. (they’re $8 each, for Pete’s Sake)
  3. Writers block.
  4. The fact that I have no idea where my (favorite) black bra is.
  5. When everyone else is slow at the office, & I’m drowning in work.
  6. Shaving my legs when I have goose bumps.
  7. People hell-bent that they’re right, when they’re 100% wrong.
    (ie: A girl at work. I told her our coworker has 2 brothers that also work with us, and she said mmm no I think he has 1. and I said, no he has 2. and she said Maybe. MAYBE? Girl, I met them. Both of them. This isn’t debatable. It’s fact. & You’re wrong.).
  8. Wet toilet paper.
  9. Having wrists too small for most bangles.
  10. Frantically waking up late.
  11. Greasy hair.
  12. Nausea.
  13. Nightmares.
  14. When it’s super sunny outside, but 22 degrees.
  15. My OCD.
  16. Facebook.
  17. Lies.
  18. How worked up I get over things that don’t affect me.
  19. Not knowing when to use effect vs. affect.
  20. Dexter being over.
  21. When you finally get to play a song for someone, and they talk through the entire thing.
  22. Ear wax.
  23. Visible hickeys.
  24. Split ends.
  25. Bananas.
  26. Pie.
  27. That people can tell me I look like I’m losing weight/am tiny but Heaven forbid I point out how fat they are.
  28. Double Standards.
  29. Bumper to bumper traffic.
  30. Hurting someone’s feelings.
  31. My hair when it air dries.
  32. Dry skin.
  33. The sound when my cat vomits.
  34. Un-relatable horoscopes.
  35. Being so sad I lose my appetite.
  36. Milk.
  37. Headaches.
  38. Taking medicine.
  39. Foam soap.
  40. The motion in my skull when I jump rope.
  41. Cold french fries.
  42. The way smells linger in my house when I cook (so I open a window & door).
  43. 96% of all music covers.
  44. Going to sleep at the end of a really good day.
  45. Leaving the beach.
  46. Being the third wheel, fifth wheel, 7th wheel, etc.
  47. Always being the bigger person.
  48. My mom’s breathing problems.
  49. Math.
  50. Pulling weeds.
  51. That I can’t make the SuFi (Dane Cook).
  52. The fuzz balls that form on sweaters after you wash them. ONCE.
  53. Slipping socks.
  54. Death.
  55. Wearing red.
  56. Overeating pasta.
  57. Not having room for dessert.
  58. Throwing away your favorite jewelry because of the sentimental value it carries.
  59. Long nails.
  60. Taking things for granted.
  61. How twisted my headset chord gets at work.
  62. Checking Instagram out of habit.
  63. Job interviews.
  64. Admitting I’m wrong.
  65. Hairy backs.
  66. Mustaches.
  67. Parents ignoring screaming babies.
  68. Assumptions.
  69. <– This.
  70. People who don’t listen.
  71. “True Life” the show.
  72. How I cry when I see mentally disabled people. They’re probably really happy. But I feel bad for them. & I cry. Every time.
  73. Asking people for advice when I already know what I am going to do.
  74. Driving in the rain.
  75. Nostalgia.
  76. Cream puffs.
  77. Running.
  78. Not kissing someone at midnight.
  79. Cakey makeup.
  80. The dark.
  81. Making mistakes.
  82. Paper cuts.
  83. Houses without character.
  84. Macklemore.
  85. Motion sickness.
  86. Baths without bubbles.
  87. Scrambled Eggs.
  88. Dancing in public.
  89. Caffeine.
  90. Wind.
  91. Reversing.
  92. Yogurt.
  93. Walking in front of people in a movie theater. (‘scuse me, oop, oh, hey, hi, sorry, please excuse me, pardon me there, hey, hi, oh.)
  94. Not having a sister.
  95. Fire drills (as if, when there was a real fire, people actually wouldn’t exit the building).
  96. Dirty bathrooms.
  97. Fake plants/flowers.
  98. Jerks.
  99. Vomiting.
  100. The foam on root beer floats.
  101. Smudged ink.

[For being a list of things I don’t like, this makes me really happy].




2 thoughts on “Everything Else > These Things

  1. Why does your list seem more normal than mine?
    #25 What’s wrong with bananas?
    #77 I was gonna put this on mine but didn’t feel like staring at the word since it’s the holidays
    #90 Hahaha wind. I agree

    Liked by 1 person

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