Things Worse Than Heartbreak.

I started a list on my phone a while back called “Things Worse Than Heartbreak.” I add items to the list when they happen to me, or someone I know, so that one day when I’m heartbroken & sad (or I know someone who is) I can look back at the list & think “well at least ____ didn’t happen; could be worse.” It’s kind of silly, but I enjoy it. So, I thought it was time to share them here. If for nothing else, they’ll be in a safe keeping place in case my phone dies, or the cloud crashes, or whatever.

  1. Making waffles and opening the cabinet to find you have no syrup.
  2. Coming home to eat the leftovers you’ve been craving all day, only to find out somebody else already ate them.
  3. When the spoon bends dishing out ice cream.
  4. When your dog eats the neighbors cat.
  5. Pumping gas in the dead of winter.
  6. When the pizza joint won’t honor your free XL pizza coupon.
  7. When you accidentally close Tumblr and lose your place in the quotes feed.
  8. Blow drying your hair in Mid June
  9. Putting lotion on your upper body with cold hands.
  10. Sneezing right after you swipe on mascara.
  11. Someone else using the squat rack.
  12. Airport delays.
  13. Coldsores.
  14. When you’ve gotta poop at work in the bathroom with only 2 stalls, and someone comes in.
  15. Messing up a huge order at work.
  16. Taking a shower after dark when you’re home alone.
  17. When your car breaks down.



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