Jumping to Conclusions.

On tonights episode of “My Coworkers Hate Me,” I bring to you the art of subtly in the workplace. & immaturity.

Here we go –
When I walked into work this morning, I expected everyone to be full of cheer & hope, since it’s the 3rd day of a brand new year. WRONG. The two girls who sit in my cube basically ignored my existence for the first two hours, which I didn’t particularly mind because I was busy. But it did make things super awkward,  the two of them chit chatting away while I worked. But, anyway, no harm no foul. The day carried on normally, I went to lunch & returned without a single “see ya later,” or “welcome back.” And then the day ended & I shut my station down. I was lingering in the cube because I was waiting for my coworker in the aisle over to head out, so that we could walk to our cars together – she actually likes me. I glanced back toward her desk, and happened to see the desktop of my coworker’s computer who sits in my cube. She has her desktop set as a meme that reads “That face you make when your coworker thinks she’s your boss.” At first I giggled. Then I stood there appalled. A). Thats probably about me and B). Thats not very appropriate in the workplace. I walked out to my car and said goodbye to my coworker, and then like any sane person would do – I googled the meme. &I found this:


I was dumbfounded. From where I sit, it clearly looks like she took this & photoshopped the words to be about a girl (me?). Damn. This was about the time I almost started to cry. It was rainy. I was freezing. I was already unsure about why they were being shady today, and now this. I really don’t understand how a woman who’s over thirty years old (and carrying a child I might add) justifies using an image like this for the background of her work computer. It’s immature. It’s unprofessional. and it’s just mean.

I realized that I should calm down a bit and give myself a break because it didn’t say when Myka thinks she’s your boss (though it may as well have). There are other women who work in our office, and for our company, and there is a great chance that she was referring to one of them. Right? Or maybe she just liked the meme. Right? Right?

Either way, this particular instance aside, I realized something. I realized that jumping to conclusions normally causes all harm & all foul. There’s a reason people say those cliches: When you assume, you’re just making an ass out of you and me; You can’t judge a book by it’s cover; The way you think bout a person isn’t the way they actually are; etc. etc. etc.
A lot of the time, we cause ourselves extra stress and heartache because we convince ourselves we know what is going on. We convince ourselves that someone is referring to us. We convince ourselves that someone is unhappy. Or cheating. Or about to leave. We convince ourselves we’re never going to get married. Or have a baby. We convince ourselves that we can’t lose the weight, or gain it. That we’re about to get sick, or die. At least, I do.

As you noticed, I started this out ranting about other people, but somehow circled it back to myself. I’m good at that. I mean, I do consider myself the Boss after all (LOL). *heavy eye roll* The lesson here, since I always seem to find one, is to take a step back. Cut yourself some slack. Only let things that are true influence your mood. Don’t worry yourself into a heap of stress. Don’t worry so much about how other people view your life, your decisions, or – ultimately – you. I mean, don’t walk around like a complete buffoon, but if you know that you are kind, and smart, and important (catch that one?), then try to just leave people to do the dumb shit they do. Don’t cry in your car. Don’t fret over your dinner. Don’t blog about it. OH (haha).

Thank you, to everyone who reads my words & doesn’t think I’m crazy. To everyone who has befriended me, online & in person. To all of you who wouldn’t ever set your background at work to a disrespectful meme. To everyone with half a god-damn brain.
I love you all, on some level.




2 thoughts on “Jumping to Conclusions.

  1. You should set your desktop background to something that also sends them a subliminal message but isn’t insulting, so they feel bad that you didn’t stoop to their level.


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