Song Roulette.

I’m borrowing this idea from Paul 🙂
(Oh my goodness, did I actually use that feature properly?).
I bet a lot of you already know what this is about. But for those of you who don’t – I’m going to put my music library on shuffle, and as the songs play, I’m going to write about the memories that each one brings to mind. I hope it’s as entertaining for you as it is for me! I’m excited to see where this goes.

Crazy Town – Jason Aldean
Man, we had to kick it off with one that I’m not too fond of? SMH, my life. I mainly have Jason Aldean’s albums on my phone for the sappy songs he sings. This one usually gets skipped. What a damn dud this started out to be.

Speakers – Sam Hunt
Country, again. Fitting. This song reminds me of a boy I was trying to be into a year or so ago. He drove a big truck, & I always thought “now I can finally relate this song to something.” It’s about two people hooking up in the country in the back of a truck. It never happened. & by it, I mean the song becoming reality and the attraction I was trying to force. But, regardless, this song is sexy. as. hell. “so baby let your eyes close, say my name, and watch me going up in flames.” 

Let It Bang – Fetty Wap
I have actually never heard this song. This is what happens when you have Apple Music and download people’s albums because they’re free. Humph. I suck at this. 

Say What You Say – Eminem
This song! HAHA. This reminds me of being about 13 thinking I had allll of the answers to life. I thought I was going to grow up to be a rapper because I memorized every single Em lyric. I really should have followed that dream. Look how famous Nicki Minaj is.

John Legend – The Beginning
Another one I’ve never heard. I’m almost about to start over 

Hurt – TI
I’m giving up. 

I Get High (Remix) – Lil Wayne
Weeze! This song reminds me of college. Through and through. I have been to – 3? Maybe 4 Lil Wayne Concerts. I was obsessed. I even wrote him when he was in jail. stop it. My mom took the letter out of the mailbox and had a mental breakdown about it. HAHA. I’m ghetto at heart.

Halo – Beyonce
YAAAS. This song reminds me of fairytale love. That moment someone comes along and makes you believe everything you swore you never would. That you swore wasn’t possible. It’s such a beautiful concept. Oh, B.

In The Dark – Omarion
I went through a serious R&B phase when I was a sophomore/junior in high school. Hormone spike? I don’t know. But this song is about things that happen in the dark. ayyoooo. My daughter better not listen to this when she’s 14.

Hard to Say – The Used
Damn. This reminds me of my friend Amy. I don’t really know why. I think we had that 8th grade rebellion thing going on together.

The Sounds of NYC – Corey Crowder
I’ve never heard of this song before & I’m not sure how it even found it’s way onto my phone.

Name On It – Dustin Lynch
When I saw Dustin Lynch in concert, I was in the front row. He pointed at me when he was singing a song. This was about 1/2 a year ago. I went home & downloaded every song he’d ever put out because I thought I was going to marry him. He is 100% sexy, and a fabulous performer. Whatta night.


Fiddle Me This – Yelawolf
I don’t know this song *sigh

Sex – Chris Brown
I suck at this game. 

Girl Next Door – Julie Roberts
This song reminds me of growing up. I was never the homecoming queen, cheer leader, prom queen type. This was me. Is me.

Crazy For You – NSync
Mannn. First swoon. I can still sing every lyric to every NSync song ever made. They were the real deal. They were my first concert. This reminds me of carefree days.

Back Out – Chris Brown
Iono this one either.

April 25th – Corey Crowder
Seriously though, who put this man on my phone? IDK who he is!

Love Story – Taylor Swift
EEP! This reminds me of the concert I went to in CA with my boyfriend. The one I wrote the Best Friend post about. Humph. It was a wonderful night, but I miss him. This song, like all of her others, is so cliche & sappy & almost annoying. But at the same time, a classic favorite. “I was crying on the staircase begging you please don’t goooo…”

These Days – Rascal Flatts
AHH! HAHA. This reminds me of a boy I was crushing on in high school. I think I made this my MSN screen name – subtle hint I was dropping. oh GAWD.

Do It To Me – Usher
This song is filthy. It reminds me of my best friend. She’s completely about these R&B jams. It also reminds me of my feelings about sex before I actually had it. SMH.

All Too Well – Taylor Swift
Crying Emoji! This song is sad, but in a relatable & nostalgic way. It reminds me of the boy who named me mouse, even though he doesn’t have a sister. Songs like these help me remember that I’ll be okay even after my heart breaks. Because we all go through it. We all have memories we don’t want to give up, but somehow – we always do… “and I forget about you long enough to forget why I needed to.” Damn.

Buried Myself Alive – The Used
This song makes me feel invincible. It’s got a section of lyrics you can understand, and relate to, and then WHAM screamssss. I should add this to my workout playlist. I’d be shredded in no time. “I guess it’s okay I puked the day awayyyyy.”

Sippin’ On Fire – Florida Georgia Line
EEP. This song makes me want to be someone’s crush. I want someone to lust after me the way these writers lust after all of these females they’re writing about. Reminds me of whorts (whore shorts), tan legs, sun rooms, hair blowing, windows down, summer evening drives.

Someone Like You – Adele
This one is always fun to belt out. And how ironic that it would come on today after my post.

These Are The Days – OTown
oof. alllll of the feels. The guys voice in the beginning, raspy. sexy. Boy band perfection.

I Can Love You Like that – John Michael Montgomery
This song is classic country. It makes me want to be in love in a movie. Someone will learn me this well.

Hand Up – Lloyd Banks
OH LAWD. This song – all I can even think is “tight ass pants, little wife beater.” but wait- that isn’t this song. I used to think I was going to marry Lloyd Banks. Oh, Myka…  This song makes me want to shake my ass. dirty. 

House Party – Sam Hunt
Ugh, dislike.

Bust It Baby – Plies
I am either a fairytale princess, or a dirty whore. Cleary there is no in between. Shoot. This song reminds me of early high school days. I thought I was hood. Not in dress, or attitude. Just music. Bust It Baby, I don’t even know what that is. A fuckgirl?

Tied Together With A Smile – Taylor Swift

Heartbreak – Yelawolf

What’s Wrong With Them – Lil Wayne
Next. I’m really trying to find some gems here.

That’s How Strong My Love Is – Alicia Keys
Never heard this song in ma life.

Bad Angel – Dierks Bentley
See above.

Who’s Kissing You Tonight – Jason Aldean
WAAA. This song is so sad. It reminds me of everyone I have let go, maybe reluctantly.

I Loved Her First – Heartland
This reminds me of my Dad, and if you listened to it – I’m sure it would remind you of yours too. Dad & wedding.

American Love Story – LANco
Awe, this one is a new release. It’s about high school sweethearts, so it reminds me of the two from my home town who introduced me to the song. But it kind of reminds me of someone I’m seeing because it’s about 2 people who are completely different, and we are. and I want it to be my life. LOL

Pickup Man – Joe Diffie
This song is so redneck. I love it. It’s something you would listen to on a summer road trip, or out at the lake/river.

Wild At Heart – Gloriana
EEP! This song makes me think of summer love. Undeniable crushes. Naive. And every summer I play it really loud in the car & belt it out with the windows down and think about whoever I am seeing/want to be seeing at the time. I’m that girl.

Shameless – Garth Brooks
This song actually reminds me of the Echo commercials, now. But it’s a super sappy love song. Typical Garth. Typical old school country.

See You When I See You – Jason Aldean
THIS song. Definitely reminds me of my best friend from college. We had a hard time going out separate ways when school ended. But we always said this would be our song. And it is.

Shit – how many songs is that?
I am not happy with this list. But I didn’t want to skip songs & cheat. My OCD wouldn’t let me. Sorry to disappoint.
I’ll try again another day, for sure.



7 thoughts on “Song Roulette.

  1. I did this it too it was so much fun!! I’m still laughing that you wrote to Lil Wayne when he was in jail😂 I’m a little ghetto too, love my rap tunes! Mmmmmm Lloyd Banks!!


  2. Who even are you?
    I only knew two of these, which is almost as many as you knew apparently haha
    I’ll have to look most of these up.
    “This song is filthy. It reminds me of my best friend.” Best two sentences in this thing lol

    Liked by 2 people

  3. OTown… wow. No judgment. I just thought my friends and I, in college, were the only ones who ever listened to any of their songs. I’m pretty sure a friend of mine wrote a speech for his public speaking class based on their song All or Nothing.


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