Hi Everyone.
Do you know what today is? Today is the 2nd. February 2nd.
Do you know what my favorite number is?
2. It’s two.
Twoday (seewhatididthere) should have been awesome.

Today has been trying.
Talk a walk with me – or maybe don’t, since I forgot how to do that today.
Oh yeah. I was leaving work – after a busy morning, & a 1PM team phone call – to head to my house for lunch. I walked out the door, and was looking for my sunglasses in my purse, because low & behold, the sun was shining. *ahhhh – heavenly sounds*
I heard someone whistle, so I turned around & saw the 3 leaders of our warehouse heading back inside from their lunch break. I smiled, and then I quickly frowned. Frowned from 5 feet down. On the concrete.
Oh yeah, I biffed it.
What I failed to notice when I turned around to smile at the boys was that I was a mere 9 inches away from the edge of the raised sidewalk.The brick I had been walking on, immediately & much to my surprise, was gone. I took a header off the curb right onto my hands & knees. and then my bum. One of the boys spit out his beverage, another doubled over in laughter, and the 3rd just started at me. It all happened in slow motion. I was standing. And then I was sitting. And then I was throbbing. I limped away to my car, got inside and called a friend to laugh it off. I left him a pretty amazing voicemail, hung up, shed a tear, and was on my way. I definitely ripped my nylons, and my skin. It was quite hilarious. and 150% embarrassing. Luckily, the biggest wound I took was to my pride.

I managed to make it through the rest of my work day, after some hydrogen peroxide & a meal. And I even managed to make it through a workout. The gym was SO good to me. My old Dead Lift weight felt like a warm up today, and I was able to hit 2×8 with 115lbs. For you Canadians & overseas folk – that’s 52KG. 
*Bright Spot*

Then, I got home & someone was walking down the sidewalk in a black leather jacket with his hood on. Kind of the same attire as Eminem wore in 8 Mile, definitely shady (ha, I didn’t even do that on purpose. Eminem, shady… never mind). I was petrified to get out of the car, but I managed to power walk into my house, and start dinner. About 12 minutes later, my power flickered. WHAT. No. No, no, no. Stop it. Legitimately the way every horror film begins. I had quite the melt down. AHHHH. I’m still having one, I think. I should be sleeping. I work at 8AM. I have to get up early enough to do my hair, and maybe make coffee – since its Friday. But I can’t seem to turn off the lamp. Plus, I started the dishwasher before I got into bed, and it’s kind of noisy, so I won’t be able to sleep until it’s off. I’m too uneasy when I can’t hear what’s going on around me.

Overall, today was a good day. I was hungry, I wasn’t nauseous, I had a great leg workout, and I survived. However, it did have it’s downs. And so did I.

Moral of this story?
I don’t know if 2 is my favorite number anymore.



4 thoughts on “2/2.

  1. Are we the same person? So many things clicked with me in this post I fell outside work this morning too, not cute, my bag hit me on the back of the head on the way down, so embarrassed! I laughed at the Eminem/shady joke I liked what you accidentally did there! Also weight confuses the hell out of me..we use stones and pounds for body weight and kilos for weights on the gym, but pounds for ingredients in recipes however I knew the weight you lifted because that is what I actually weigh right now, I never really weigh myself but I did this morning and the scale showed my weight in lbs and in KG!!! Go you!!!!!!
    I hope tomorrow is a better day for you!


    1. AHH! lol. I am NOT glad that you fell, but I am in a sense. It’s so nice to “meet” people that understand my struggles, haha. I hope you’re okay! – too funny, I was trying not to weigh myself either but I have been because, well, I’m stubborn HA! Curiosity wins. I hope you’re having a Good Friday. .xo.

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