What is wrong with people?

I have a lot of thoughts tonight. I do not promise what follows is going to be cohesive, or make much sense at all really. But, I have to say it.

A). When the hell did men start getting their periods? About the time they started attending bridal & baby showers, I’d bet (thanks Sista). Seriously, though. Seriously. I’ve had some dudes pull some PMSing female type shit lately.
First of all, if you’re going to tell me never to contact you again, don’t send me anther text message when I don’t reply. Are you kidding me right now? Don’t talk to me ever again, but let me talk to you for the next 25 minutes about how shitty of a person you are. “Have a good life” covered that – thanks! No need to keep using data on this.
Why do people (men) do this? Why can’t we all just accept that people sometimes just don’t want to hang out with us. Maybe not tonight, maybe never again. It doesn’t mean you need to be rude, and run off on this damn tangent about never speaking to one another again. Dramatic much? 
I saw another message from some boy on my Instagram feed tonight ranting about how great the gym is. He ended it with “…use that as motivation to obtain your goals in life and tell the people that say you can’t do it to shut the fuck up and go fuck yourselfs”
Shut the fuck up & go fuck yourselves?
If that doesn’t sound like a 13 year old girl dealing with her first round of hormones, I don’t know what does.
Don’t be these boys. Nobody should be these boys. Or have to deal with them. 

B). Why do (so many) others think I’m an appropriate person to rant to about their relationship troubles, shortcomings, or secrets? I’m not. I promise you. I am not the right person. I think I have a kind face, or something. People open up to me about this crap all of the time. And you know what? It isn’t fair. It isn’t fair that I am out here trying like Hell to live a real life Fairytale and all these MFs are littering my yellow brick road with their bullshit love stories. If you aren’t happy in your relationship, LEAVE. Don’t tell other people how horrible romance is. Don’t stay and dread going to bed next to your partner every night. Don’t grow to resent one another. If you think you have a better connection with me, than the woman you are engaged to marry, don’t tell me that. Tell her. And then leave. Don’t send me shirtless pictures, followed by an email about how much you love your wife, but miss our friendship. DONT. Don’t tell me your wife won’t sleep with you anymore, and I make you feel appreciated. You’ve just ruined our friendship, and my perception of you. Way to go. If your wife won’t sleep with you anymore, leave her BEFORE you try to find someone else who will. Don’t make out with me when you’re out of town, & things have gotten stagnant. Then marry the girl you left back home. If you wanted to kiss me, she isn’t the one. Is she?
Is it really that hard to see how wrong the connections these boys have are? 
It isn’t fair that I believe in love a little less everyday because of shady/cowardly human beings. It isn’t fair that I am starting to think real love doesn’t exist because 90% of the people that I know who “are in love” are actually unhappy, faking it, hoping it gets better, etc. It isn’t fair that I have to pretend I don’t like flowers, and chocolates because you’ve all made them carry no meaning whatsoever. It isn’t fair.
Let me live god dammit, and let me love.

C). If you do find love, real love that you actually enjoy, do not leave your friends behind.
Do not sacrifice your friendships for your boyfriend, or girlfriend.
Do not break plans or traditions because your new man, or woman, desires your attention at every single moment of every single day.
Don’t be the old me.
I used to do that. I lost a friend for 3 damn years over this sickening behavior.
I’m about to kick a few friends to the curb for being the girl I used to be. For only having time for me when their boyfriend is sick, busy, or out of town. OR if he can come along.
Boyfriends & girlfriends are companions. They aren’t oxygen. You will not die without him or her, I fucking promise.

D). If I tell you I’m not interested in anyone right now, don’t ask me if I am a lesbian.
No. I’m not into women. I literally just said I am not interested in anyone, not I am interested in women. So, 1. you clearly aren’t listening.  & 2. I’m not interested in anyone because I am busy. I am busy working on my body, my bank account, and my damn self.
I am open to a man who seriously peaks my interest, so I guess I fibbed a little. But, when I say I am not interested in anyone, don’t ask me if I like girls. Just politely smile & feed me the friends line. Please.

I’m exhausted. Here are some pictures of Lake Tahoe, I went today.





Ps. I have 3 bruises on my knee. & a scab. Baha. #Adulting



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