Turn Up (Vol. 2)

I have been waiting for Friday evening/night since Monday, when I worked a 10 1/2 hour day. I have been looking forward to an evening I can do whatever I want, without the looming thoughts of everything the following morning will hold.
Friday evening is finally here.
It is glorious. and I am old. as. shit.

Things I did tonight that filled me with great joy (boys, you can probably skip this list):
-Lysol wiped the kitchen & bathroom counters.
-Swept & Wet Swiffer mopped the hardwood floors.
-Washed my sheets & made my bed.
-Filed my nails & painted them classic clear.
-Did my first ever face mask.

I don’t know what is scarier – the fact that I am a grown up, or that I am infatuated with it!
I’m sure a few posts ago I probably droned on about how much growing up sucks, and some days it does – but for the most part, it’s utterly amazing. Sex, cake for breakfast, personal space, whatever decor you desire, possessions, a salary, higher education, traveling, falling in love. There’s also endless bills & towing your car, but we won’t talk about those things tonight. Positive vibes. 

I think being a single adult is even more amazing than being a married one, or a married one with children. Whens the last time your married friends did whatever the Hell they wanted, without consulting anyone else? Probably before they were married. I really dislike the stigma that comes with being single. The pouts we get. The endless “he’s out there somewhere” comments. What if I don’t particularly care? Oh, right, if I admit that I’m just jaded and scared and have given up hope.

Or maybe, I’m happy. Who woulda thought? Not me, I’ll be the first to admit that.
As much as I love love, and long for it, I’m also becoming increasingly happier being alone. Maybe I’m finally getting to that point where I am comfortable by myself, and not dependent on someone else for my happiness. #ProudMoment
It’s not really something I was striving to do, or think I could teach anyone else about. But nonetheless, I find myself extremely content lately. I loved every moment of my evening tonight. I love that as I sit here now, my house is clean & organized. I love how fresh my skin feels. I love that my clean bed is waiting for me – and I’ll have all the space I desire when I lay down to sleep tonight. I love that I can stay up as late as I want, or crash as early as I please. I love that I can text whoever, at whatever hour, and not worry about waking someone next to me, or feeling guilty. I love being alone. I think I finally understand that quote about how being alone is scary, because once you realize how great it is you don’t want to be around people much anymore. Seriously.

Don’t fret, I’m still a hopeless romantic. Did I mention that while I was doing all of these things alone, I listened to the “Him” playlist 6 or 7 times over. Muahaha.
Some things never change.

I hope you enjoyed your Friday evening/night – alone, or with whoever or whatever it is that you’ve found that makes you truly happy.

If all else fails, clean, or write, or eat ice cream. 



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