i DON’T give up.

Friday night.
I just got home from girls night out. 4 of my friends and I went to dinner & a movie. Much needed after this hectic week. And yes, I bet 97% of you know exactly what we went to see. The other 3% of you must live under a rock. We had Mexican food, duh, and then we went to see Fifty Shades Darker.
All I can even say is: whoa. 
After the reviews I read online, and the bad rap this movie has caught, I expected it to be similar to the first one. A little awkward, a little cliché, and a lot dirty. There aren’t many times I am pleased to be wrong, but this is one of them. The movie was absolutely fabulous. It felt like it lasted 20 minutes, but it was actually almost 2 hours! Things I don’t say very often. I was completely engaged from start to finish, and would pay another $12 to see it again. Right now, in fact.

I’ll try to leave out any spoilers, in case some of you decide to go see it – but I have to talk through a few things. When the movie ended, I felt like I didn’t want to go back to my real life. For the duration of the film, I felt like I was someone else – I felt like I was Anastasia Steele. I felt like anything in the world was possible for me. I had hope. I’m pleased to say as I sit here in my little apartment (no view of the Pacific Ocean, no view of the Seattle skyline, no Housekeeper to take my coat, no sex God fawning over me) I still feel that way.  The way that Christinan Grey – billionaire bachelor, successful entrepreneur, and sex fiend – feels about Ana is mind blowing. He adores her. He changes for her. He lets her be her own person. It’s the same feeling every other fairytale portrays – except he likes to fuck her into the better part of next week. Let’s be honest people – if your boyfriend doesn’t want to dirty fuck you, is he really your boyfriend at all? As I sit here in my bed, eating a bowl of Cheerios with strawberries, my hair tossed up in a messy bun, I feel like Ana. Like a queen. I’m not tied down. The whole world is at my feet. Anyone can enter my life at any time, or me theirs, and turn the world complete upside down. And I’m ready for it.

Truth be told, the story doesn’t portray Ana as a gold digger as a lot of people think. And, she isn’t a sex slave either. She has a job that she adores. She buys her billionaire boyfriend a sentimental $5 birthday gift, and pays for their meals. She’s a regular girl, living a fantasy. There are plenty of people in the world that fall into this cliché category – nobody hates Princess Kate for getting everything handed to her on a silver platter. If you’re one of the many people who bad mouth this film because it’s explicit, or raunchy, or you think it’s kind of gross – that’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it. I, however, am entitled to mine as well and after watching it, I can confidently say the people who think it sucks probably haven’t seen it yet.

I didn’t think I’d leave the movie with such a determined, euphoric feeling. I thought it would depress me. I thought I’d never be satisfied with anything again after seeing the type of life these two live. But that isn’t the case at all. On the contrary, it gave me so much hope. It made me want to find a man who can give me the type of feelings Ana gets from Christian. It made me want to work my ass off at, so that I can take my bosses position some day. It made me believe that people can change when they’ve found the right girl. It made me believe that maybe somewhere out there, there really is someone for all of us. That fairytales do exist. That monsters can be slain. That white roses are prettier than red ones, and a kiss on the forehead never loses it’s flare.

This night & this movie were a lot of things – fortunately, horrible wasn’t one of them.



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