The Ampersand

I’m not sure how much I actually have to say on this topic, but it’s been swimming around in my head for a few days now so here we are. We being me and my ideas. Or I guess it could be Zero & I (oop! an ampersand), but he’s not technically here. I think he’s eating. *heavy eye roll* Or maybe we is you & I – hi!

Anyway –

The Ampersand. I have been a fan of this symbol for a few years now. Of course, it became the “it” thing shortly after I fell in love with it, and now it’s a staple in countless peoples homes, and at their weddings. I have two pieces of decor in my house that are ampersands. One is a framed floral print in my bathroom, and the other is a silver sequin stand-alone that I have on my bedside table (that I got in the $3 section at Target).
I love the symbol. As you all know, it stands for and. It joins two things together. I love that it has such a unique name – and one that I didn’t even know existed until like sophomore year of high school. eek!

I put the Ampersand on my nightstand to remind me there is always something more. Even on the longest, most dreadful days – the dreary days full of defeat and despair – when I crawl into bed, I see it and somehow feel less alone. There’s always something else. There’s sleep & dreams. Blankets & warmth. Sex & Candy. Tomorrow, there will be coffee & creamer. Deadlifts & donuts. There’s Mr’s & Mrs’s. Brothers & sisters. Mom & Dad. The ampersand unites so many of our favorite things. Work & Pay. Locked & loaded. Beauty & the Beast. Cake & ice cream.

I find faith in the oddest things. I’m different, and I’m aware.
But maybe there is something to be said about a person like me – who finds hope & faith in the most basic pieces of life.

or maybe I’m just crazy.



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