I never post about my cat because I’m too busy posting about dudes. and things that piss me off. and writing an entire blog about my pet might make me pathetic. and y’all probably don’t care. But here we go – baha!

I started Zero on steroids about 2 weeks ago, after my sister in law encouraged me to take him to the vet. Well, she motivated me. Her cat had a little cough, and she took him right in. I think Zero had been coughing for over a year, and when I googled it – a rescue inhaler was the only cure I could find. I wasn’t about to administer an inhaler to him, he’s a damn cat – so I always just chalked his coughing up to asthma, and things I couldn’t change.
What a real snatch I feel like, now. I took him to the vet, started him on steroids, and he’s only coughed once or twice since. He also (knock on wood) hasn’t thrown up since he started them. I think he feels much better, and I am beating myself up over how long it took me to get him the medical help he needed. Save your breath – I already know I suck! Luckily – he’s an animal, so he isn’t holding much of a grudge.

He sheds quite a bit, and since his fur is white, it sticks out like a sore thumb – no matter how often I sweep, and lint roll, and dust. But, most days, his cuteness outweighs his annoyance. He greets me at the door every time I come home, sleeps with me at night, has 2 different colored eyes, and he has a damn freckle! Who couldn’t love a cat with a freckle? Beyond me.

Anyway – the whole point of this was mainly just to say that when he sleeps next to me on the couch, sometimes he’ll come over and rest his head on my arm, as if it were a pillow.  If I move my arm, he looks up at me with his sleepy little eyes like “why?” & he has this little indention in his fur from where he’s been resting his face on my arm. It makes me melt. So, I put my arm back on the keyboard, and he puts his face back on my arm, & falls right back to sleep.

It is so pathetic, but I love it. See below.


I don’t think there’s a moral to this story. If you give me a second, I can probably find one…
Don’t be afraid to face things head on. With Zero, it was his cough. I was afraid it would cost thousands of dollars. I was afraid I’d have to tell the Vet “I really like my cat, but not enough to spend 900$ on x-rays, and albuterol.” And would you look at that, 35$ and one veterinary visit later, he’s as good as new.
In your life, there could be any number of things you’re scared to face. But, you don’t have to avoid them. Like Mark Twain (or somebody) once said, “I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened .”



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