I want a son.

Remember how I drone on & on & on about how badly I want a daughter? I lied. I fucking lied. I want a son. I don’t really like bow ties, or dirt, or trucks & cars & monsters. But I’m a girl. and if there is anything I have learned lately, it’s that I haven’t the slightest idea who’s raising the boys in our World (or maybe just in America)

If you don’t want to date, DON’T tell a girl that you are open to dating her – only until she has sex with you.  Then tell her you’re too busy. Don’t do it. Don’t be a fuckboy piece of shit. We’ve been over this before – if a girl wants sex, she’ll have it. You don’t have to pretend you want something more. Our bodies carry more hormones than yours do. We’re probably hornier than you, most of the time. So don’t lie for sex. Don’t lie for nudes. Or company. Or gifts & time. Actually – just don’t lie, period.

I don’t know what happened between the good ol days, and today. I don’t know what happened to the men who used to open doors & plan corny dates, but I refuse to attribute it all to evolution. and I refuse to blame only the father’s out there, too. There are just as many women raising men to be this way (and given the rising “single mother” statistics, probably more). And we must stop.

I want a son so that I can raise him to be a kind, respectful, well-mannered, man. The kind of man that brings flowers to every first date. And kisses your cheek on the doorstep. and tells you that you’re pretty because you’re pretty, not because he wants you to take your pants off. An honest man. A polite, understanding, genuine (even when it’s hard) man.

I am so sick and tired of the scum boys I encounter. It’s like when you’re having a really great day, and then you step on a piece of gum. And you’re stuck scraping it off your shoe for hours, until you can carry on again.

Don’t be the gum on a woman’s shoe, god dammit. Be a man.

and scene. 



8 thoughts on “I want a son.

  1. I’d apologize on behalf of my gender, but I’m not going to. Because you’re right, there are a lot of jerks out there. But I don’t want to lump myself in with them. I think part of the problem is, and maybe it’s just me, that the nice guys see so many women going out with the kind of guy you described. So then we’re kind of programmed to think that we won’t get a date unless we also act like jerks. Or, we just assume women will say no when we ask them out and we don’t want to deal with the rejection. Meanwhile, the jerks don’t care if you say yes or no, because if you say no, they just move on to the next girl. So they’ll ask you out because they literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The nice guy is more likely to over analyze the situation and talk themselves out of making a move. Maybe the real issue is that men and women are just horrible at communicating with each other. Why does everything have to be a game? Why can’t I just tell a girl that I like her and move on from there? No, we have to dance around the issue forever until one ends up hurting the other, creating trust issues that years of therapy can’t even solve. I don’t know… thinking out loud here…

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    1. It occurs to me that I probably came off sounding like a jerk for being unwilling to apologize for the jerks out there. And that I probably sounded really conceited in assuming I’m one of the good ones. I am sorry that you have to deal with the jerks. But I won’t apologize for being a nice guy. I’m okay with that part.

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    2. Preachhh! haha.
      I agree that all men aren’t trash, I mean – that’d be silly of me. I have 4 brothers, 3 nephews, and a dad. I know men can be great. I just can’t seem to find any. of. them. Except online LOLOL.
      this reminds me…. I have been meaning to ask about convenience store girl. DO TELL!

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      1. Oh… I’ve only seen her a couple times since I wrote about her. She’s just as talkative as ever. I’ve been careful to ask open ended questions, but just because I’m not getting yes or no answers doesn’t mean she won’t shut down conversation in a heartbeat. “How’s your day going?” Good. Geez, girl… crack a smile, it increases your face value!

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