Self-Care Saturday.

I remember seeing a quote a long time ago that read: Man plans, God laughs.
I’ve never been super religious, or actually even a little religious at all. But the past 8-11 days have taught me that there is some truth to this statement. Some truth to the whole idea that we can’t always have a planned & plotted lifestyle.

I live this way, most of the time. I try to go to the gym 4 days a week. I try really hard to make those 4 days Saturday, Monday, Wednesday & Thursday. I have the weirdest OCD. The kind where I like things to be in order, but not too neat of an order – because that makes me crazy. i.e.: I cannot workout M-W-F because it is way. too. systematic. I have also learned that sometimes, even the sporadic OCD plans don’t work, because other things come into play. Like exhaustion, work events, unforeseen chaos, redecorating, friendships, or well – life. Last Tuesday I went to the gym. I was exhausted on Monday, and I knew I had plans on Weds. so I decided to go on my “planned” day off instead. I didn’t think I wouldn’t make it back for 9 days – but I didn’t. Why? Shoot. Here we go.

Last Wednesday I worked on a lip-sync video for a contest we were having at work. It was actually super fun, and hilarious. (I’ll post the link later so you guys can check it out if you wan to). Thursday, I had company come over – so the gym was shot to Hell, again. It was a really fun night, though, so I tried not to get too down on myself. On Friday, I met 2 of my best friends in Reno for dinner (well, my only two friends here, actually lol) so, once again, no gym. On Saturday Morning I headed to California to visit my family (my niece, duh) for Easter weekend. My brother from Reno was down there, too, so we all played with his new Virtual Reality game, ate snacks, hung out with Olivia, saw my parents, caught up, and got some sun. It was quite enjoyable. On Sunday, I visited with my parents some more, then saw my best friend & her son before heading back home. It was raining, and I knew the drive home would be far from relaxing, but I had no idea it would be as eventful and chaotic as it turned out to be. I left home around 2:50 PM, and arrived back at my apartment after 10. I wish I could attribute this to expected Holiday traffic, but instead I will chalk it up to that unforeseen chaos I mentioned earlier.

The warning lights re-appeared on the dash of my car about half way home. When I stopped to use the bathroom, all Hell broke lose. My car, once again, wouldn’t accelerate over 20MPH. Which was. huge problem, giving that I was about 111 Miles from house – alone – in the rain – in a Denny’s parking lot. I had a serious meltdown, then went inside to eat. My coworker came to pick me up, and I managed to schedule a rental car for myself through the tears, and disbelief. I had already planned on taking Monday off, as a PTO day, because I was going to go to the Doctor in the morning, then workout, grocery shop, cook, get a massage at 4:00PM, unwind, and hit work on Tuesday raring to go! SURPRISE, that didn’t happen. Instead, on Monday morning, I ended up driving 4 hours in another rain storm to meet my Dad (bless his heart) at the broken car; which he was able to drive home to CA, where she will stay. *humph* When I got back into Reno, I ate a quick snack, then headed off to Carson. Where I – somehow – bought. a. new. car.  GAH! *Heart eye emoji* *Heart attack* However, I don’t have it yet, because Mercury is in Retrograde – so why the fuck would anything go smoothly for me? The car won’t be here until May 1st. Ugh.
On Tuesday, I was exhausted as I’m sue you have gathered – so once again, no gym. I stayed home & built some new nightstands (all by my damn self, I might add) that I bought for my room. I don’t even remember what I was doing on Weds. but I think I was just not caught up mentally, so I didn’t make it to the gym then either. On Thursday, I finally got back to they gym. On top of all of this, I was dealing with the emotional stress of the episode I mentioned in my last post, the comforter I ordered for my new bed arrived a day late, and 2 of my coworkers were out of the office.

I don’t know what I believe holds more truth: Man plans, God laughs OR When it rains, it pours. But either way, I learned something very real over the past week & a half. I learned that life happens. Life happens when we are ready for it, and when we are not. It keeps moving, and we really have no choice but to keep moving with it.

So today, today I plan on taking it easy. I plan on doing what I wanted to do on Monday. I plan on having a delicious breakfast. Going to the gym. Grocery shopping. Cooking some food. Watching the TV shows I am behind on. Reading the 18 new blog posts I haven’t even been able to think about reading. Wearing a face mask, and an eye mask, and maybe even coconut oil in my hair. & not wearing pants. Sitting on my sofa, that I haven’t used in too many days. and having a cupcake. However, the way my life has been going, I wouldn’t be surprised if some (or all) of those things simply do not happen.

Somehow, in the midst of all of these frantic moments – I never managed to lose my genuine love for life and the direction everything is heading for me. There are a few boys who are holding my attention, but nothing too promising. There are a few females who made the trauma funny, rather than tragic. There are parents, and siblings, and kind coworkers & customers who make me feel like I’m doing something right. And most importantly, there’s all of you. Who, somehow, come here and read these (sometimes jumbled) words of mine and make me feel less crazy than I know I actually am.

Take care of yourself, today & everyday, since I am too far away from most of you to do it myself.

Lip Sync:




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