Tonight I’m another year older.
Tonight I’m another year wiser.
So tonight, I have a few things to say.

I don’t know if this will make sense to anyone else reading, but I have to remember my blog is an outlet for me (thanks Meghan, for that reminder). So, to myself, I say:

You’re twenty-eight. You’re not 18, or 21, or even 25. But you’re not 71, either. You’re still in your youth. You workout. You eat healthy (for the most part). You budget. You’re content with being alone, yet it never really feels right. You’ve got to stop forcing things in life that simply don’t fit. In the next year, I challenge you to enjoy your life. I challenge you to travel, outside of your comfort zone. To South Carolina, and Seattle, and maybe even Canada. To Mt. Rushmore, and NYC, and somewhere with cowboys – real cowboys – like Texas. I challenge you to have drinks in new restaurants downtown on Friday’s, under patio lights in the summer heat. I challenge you to accept that feelings are fluid – that they are ever changing – that you don’t have to like someone tomorrow, just because you liked them yesterday. & vice-versa. In turn, I challenge you to stop talking to everyone about everything. Keep some of your feelings to yourself.  Keep all of the wishy-washy I don’t knows inside. Feel them. Understand them. Then bless & release them, or hold onto them for good. I challenge you to not initiate contact with boys you consider mediocre. To hell with the fillers. Keep your standards where they have always been: high. I challenge you to believe the right one WILL come along. To keep your heart open, but not open to abuse. I challenge you to continue 3-4 weekly visits to the gym. To drink 48+ OZ of water daily. To keep taking pictures. TONS of pictures. of everything. & everyone. I challenge you to listen to your body, your heart & your mind – more than your friends. I challenge you to trust yourself. To love yourself. To remember that you are your biggest advocate. & closest friend. To wear face masks twice a week. & watch movies that make you cry. To be honest, even when it’s tough – especially then. People appreciate honesty, even when it’s brutal. To hike. & relax. & maybe lay in bed a little longer on weekend mornings. I challenge you to grow your booty, and treat yourself. Cake, Clothes, Coc.. oh. HAH. I challenge you to trust the way things feel, and remove your heavy reliability on how they look. To teach yourself new things. & master old ones. To wear red liptick. and visit the dentist every 6 months, even though you’re scared. To go to Tahoe more often. & get a serious tan. I challenge you.

I don’t know what it is about a birthday that makes me feel like I have a fresh start, but it truly feels like a personal new-year. Tomorrow is so full of promise. As everyday after should be, too. I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend – and if you need an excuse to buy cake, here it is.

I’m 28.



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