Choose Happy.

Lately, I have been so incredibly happy I have found myself almost in tears, twice. I don’t know how it happened, but I’d like to attribute some of it to myself. My positive outlook on life. How I somehow realized that as the days are flying by, each one brings me closer to the end of … More Choose Happy.

Do the things.

I was going to start this out by saying “I feel like a completely different person, lately.” But as soon as I formulated that thought in my mind, I disliked it. I hope that I don’t ever truly feel like a completely different person. I like the person I am. I’m allowed to change & … More Do the things.

Self-Care Saturday.

I remember seeing a quote a long time ago that read: Man plans, God laughs. I’ve never been super religious, or actually even a little religious at all. But the past 8-11 days have taught me that there is some truth to this statement. Some truth to the whole idea that we can’t always have a planned & … More Self-Care Saturday.

[the end]

It’s after midnight. on Monday. I should be sleeping. I should be peacefully sleeping in my new bed, with my super soft blanket. and my fluffy pillows. I should be dreaming. But I’m not. I’m up. and I’m peeved. and, honestly, I don’t even know if peeved covers it. I was supposed to write a … More [the end]