I’ve spent a lot of time on this platform discussing love. My love life, my lack of a love life, my disbelief in love, my fear I’d never find it, would I recognize it if it ever showed up, and on and on and on. I was sitting at my desk at work yesterday at … More Wait.

Write way out.

I think there are a lot of people in the world who are good at doing things on their own. I, unfortunately, am not one of them. I don’t mean physically doing things on my own. Fortunately, I can move, pack, work, cook & play just fine – unless items reside on the top shelf. … More Write way out.


Well, I survived. I took it upon myself to Google Map the restaurant location – which showed 33 minutes, with traffic. I brought up the idea of going somewhere closer, because I’m a brat? Because, anxiety. And to my surprise, a few people said they wouldn’t mind going somewhere closer, too. We decided on a … More Update!

I miss you.

It’s Tuesday. 9:44PM. I’m trying to get through my Reader because I miss you. I miss all of you. I miss hearing about what Meghan & Jess are up to. I miss hearing about life from Canada. & Florida. & DC. And I catch myself wondering if Blacksburg has met any hott new girls. I … More I miss you.